Thursday, September 1, 2011


For the last week or so, it has been so comfortable around here.  Temperatures have been great.  But today, the heat is back with a vengeance.  The high today was ninety eight.  Now that in itself would be tolerable, but I have been busy dyeing fiber (roving) for upcoming fiber festivals.  

The dye pots have been brewing for the last three days and will continue through the weekend.   The colors are bright and cheery with thoughts of approaching fall and winter.  In addition to dyeing, I am assembling felting kits, doing some felting and the normal things I need to complete before leaving for fiber events.  

The best thing about these events are seeing our fibery friends again.  Some, we see just once a year.  Others vend at the same shows where we are.  

Thank goodness it is supposed to cool down after the first of the week.  If the forecasts are true, the highs will be in the seventies!  Now, that is something I look forward to.  

John is getting the motor home ready for travels.  The new floor is down.  The new faucet is installed at the kitchen sink.  Cabinets have been cleaned.  He in our nephew, Fred installed the new television and fixed the water heater problem.  

In June, the pilot light failed to ignite and we have had no heated water since then.  That was fine during the summer since the hot daytime temperatures made the water hot enough for our showers.  But, fall and winter are approaching, so working on that problem became a necessity.

I posted our problem on the Winnebago Yahoo group list and there were two suggestions.  One person suggested that we check the igniter.  Another person said to look for insect nests.  It turned out that a spider has woven a web and it was preventing the ignition.  There was also a mud dauber building his mud hut in the compartment.  We really do not welcome hitchhikers!

The last things that need to be done on the motorhome is installing new driving lights to brighten the highway at night, clean and lubricate the leveling jacks, and check the undercarriage for anything loose.  We have had a rattle under there and want to make sure everything is road ready.  

The Robins have left us.  And that seems strange as Al of the Bayfield Bunch was telling in his blog that the Robins there in Canada are gathering in flocks for their southerly migration.  I guess our place is not the gathering place this year.  

Now, we just need to be on the look-out for lower gas prices.  We use Gas Buddy 
and they do a good job pointing us to the lowest gas prices around.  I am surprised that the prices have not jumped back to the $3.70 range, but right now it is in the $3.50 neighborhood.  It's crazy how we can be happy with $3.30's.  And the people in Canada pay even more than we do.  Go figure.  

I'm off to check the last dye pots of the day.   Be safe out there this week end!  

God Bless!

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