Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A quick continuation of my rant about China imports.  Check out the East's blog about their tires from China.  The saga continues.  I think I'd be pulling my hair out if I had two blow outs within eighty miles of each other.  And to add insult to injury, there is damage to their rig that needs to be repaired.  

We had another restful night here in John Bryan State Park.  Today, we are one of two campers.  Talk about quiet!  The only thing we hear is the chitter of one bird and the caw of a crow. 

The shelter house is a bit from here, but you can see how nice the area is.  The park is located on the Little Miami River.  In addition to camping, there is rappelling, rock climbing and mountain bike trails.

We are going to Clifton to visit the Clifton Mill.  The mill is one of the largest water powered grist mills still in existence. The first mill at this site was built in 1802 by Owen Davis, a Revolutionary War soldier and frontiersman miller.  The mill was built in it's location to take advantage of the natural power of the concentrated water funneled into the gorge. 
This is a photo I captured from the Internet.  We are looking forward to touring the mill and having our lunch there today.

Lunch is over and we are back on the road exploring the back roads.  The mill was a nice place to visit and to have good food. 

Gas has dropped forty cents a gallon since we came in on Friday!  Now, that is a very good thing!  Good ole Gas Buddy made us aware of that. He's truly our buddy.

Since we boondock / drydock some of the time, we are always looking at ways to conserve our electricity and have been considering LED lights.  

I have looked at them while visiting camping world, but keep wondering if we need to purchase new light fixtures.  Have any of you out there had experience with the lights?  

Well, we are off towards Cincinnati...I wonder what we will see next?  

For now, be safe out there and..........

God bless


  1. Love gas buddy. We have several LEDs and plan to get more as we can afford them. You need to be sure and get the ones that give you the kind of light you want. Some of them give off a blue light that isn't very bright. That's what I have as a reading light in the bedroom. But I want the brightest they have out in the kitchen area.

  2. Your park looks lovely!!! Great when all the weekenders leave, eh?

    As for LED's, we bought one bulb a few years ago at $19 .. it's the blueish cast one. Since then the price has come down and we bought two more that are a warmer glow, for $9 each. Steve put one in our outside light fixture so we can leave it on if we are gone and not drain our batteries. The other we put in a livingroom fixture we sometimes leave on too.

    We can't afford to change them all... ps it's only the bulb that you change, not the whole fixture.

    Karen and Steve
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