Thursday, September 22, 2011


I started my blog a bit less than a year ago.  Some days it is impossible to think of something to say that would be of interest, even me.  Other days, I am Chatty Cathy.  Today is a so so kinda day.  

We are up to sixteen followers.  Welcome to the newest:  Jim and Sandie, Teri, Gypsy68, (I cannot locate your blog) and Mia and hubby whose name I cannot find.  So glad you have come along for the ride. 

Dinner with Meg and Harper was great.  Miss Harper is growing and filling out and developing a sweet personality.  What amazes me is that I have forgotten how to comfort a little one.  When she started to fuss, I had to hand her back to Meg and instantly, I mean in the flash of a bolt of lightning, Harper was happy again.  Makes me sad that I've lost the touch.

Today, had lunch with friends, Kay and Lolita...great Christian fellowship.  Lita has been a friend for about 38 years and Kay 26.  That's a long time.  

When Kay moved here from Arizona, I would get soooo tired of her complaining about how boring Indiana is and how great Arizona will be forever...Now that I've visited Arizona, I see what she was talking about.  What a beautiful state Arizona is.  I have had to eat crow and admit to her that she is right, but Indiana is still OK.  

Lolita is from North Carolina near the Outter Banks.  That is another great place.  Her hubby is from Kentucky.  Now, two of her three children and their families have settled in Kentucky.  Guess where they are going to settle in their retirement..... not Indiana!  Yeppers,,, Kentucky.  

Has ANYONE retired to Indiana?  Not that I know.  Why?  

Can you tell me why people do not retire to Indiana?  Please!

I just don't understand!  I'm sitting here scratching my head...trying to figure this out... hummmmm

And those photos were taken BEFORE we left for the southwest!  More and more of this lovely weather came after we left.  Whatcha think?  

As for now, It's a pleasant seventy one degrees.  But it is cloudy.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow.  Haven't seen a sunny day since last week.  I don't think I'm a great advertiser for Indiana, do you?  

With all that said, I'm done for today.  For you on the road, for those waiting for repairs, and for those who are looking forward to getting on the safe

And God bless your walk today.


  1. Indiana would not be very high on my list of retirement places. I'm an Arizona lover. Maybe not the heat so much in the summer but the rest of the year there's no place better. Nice to have friends for so many years.

  2. Do you have a place that you post a list of the shows you will be at? Maybe put it on the side of your blog.

  3. Ha! I guess it's because we've been there.


  4. Good afternoon! Thanks for commenting on my blog about the Jazz Strings. I started weaving with them this afternoon and really, really like them! They are soft and the surface is MUCH smoother than the looper rugs. This rug I am now weaving will be going into my camper, which is sitting on my son's land in MI. I bought it last year to use as a "guest house" when visiting, which I will be doing in a few weeks.
    Hopefully, you'll find that "new loom" soon so you can experience these yourself. :)

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post, that's quite an accomplishment. Don't you love milestones like that? :)

  6. Congrats on your 100th post!

    We also experienced that wonderful last of Arizona last winter, but sadly had to come back to the land of ice and snow and cold after 7 glorious weeks there!

    In 2013 we will be free of obligations here in Wisconsin and can wander freely among the desert and wilderness of the southwest in the winters. Ahhhhhhhhh

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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