Saturday, September 17, 2011


Day one is over.  Sales have not been as good as any other show I have done all year.  Today, I sold a third of what I usually do on the first day of a show.  THAT is not a good thing....

I have noticed that sales have been shrinking here each year.  We will probably not return next year.  This is our business, not a hobby.  

On a liter note, a chicken that has been roaming John Bryan State Park campground.  Last night after we returned from our set-up we were watching this hen wander around until some thoughtless campers let their dog chase it into the forest.  We did not see anything else of the chicken the rest of the night and this morning.

Fast forward to this afternoon.....I am walking back to the motorhome for a short break and guess who hitched a ride under our rig.  You guessed it!  Now the hen is at the grounds of the show!  Two people have said they will take the chicken home to their farms if they can catch it.  That will be a better life for little Henny Penny!  
We had a visitor in our booth near the end of the day.  We had Oliver in there and she is a dog photographer and she took some photos of Oliver to put on her blog.  They should be on her blog in a couple of days at  

I sure wanted to steal her camera!  It was the second camera that I wanted to cameranap today.  sigh......

The campground has a nice group of campers this evening.  Fire rings sport orange flames moving like ballet dancers.  She sparks jump into the sky providing us with peaceful shows of fireworks.  All is well.  

Tomorrow is another day.  If I can sell the antique Canadian Production Spinning Wheel, we will have a better show and I have a feeling that one of the vendors is coveting it.  We shall see.  

Of course, John and I are looking for a smaller weaving loom to take in the motorhome, so this show might not be a profit maker anyway if we can find the right loom.  God is in control.....either we find it or we don't.  Either we have a great show, or we don''s all in His hands and we trust him for all.

Dinner is ready, I must go....

Be safe everyone, and God Bless ...... your day, your travel and just you!   


  1. Here's praying that tomorrow is a great day for you.

  2. Looking forward to the "bought a loom" post. ;) Hope that John finds what he wants!
    Great story about the traveling chicken, too. That little "bird brain" did some serious thinking about staying in the campground where dogs could be a problem for it. ;)

  3. That is amazing about the chicken! I hope it finds a good home now after being chased by those dogs. How awful!

    I take my table loom along in the motorhome all the time and it has beams that fold inwards towards the castle, both front and back. Then it is narrow enough to fit through the motorhome door!

    I also clamp it to a small coffee table Steve built for the motorhome to the right height. I lay a piece of non skid shelf liner on the table top and use big C clamps to secure it.

    Sometimes we carry it outside and I sit under the awning and weave away the afternoon in the woods...ahhhhh

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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