Wednesday, June 19, 2013


2012 and 2013 have been years of firsts.  Another was last weekend when John and Nancy Jo ie: Jojo were able to spend Father's day weekend together.  It was the first time in twenty years.  

Each of Saturday's activities was a surprise to John.  He had no idea where he was  going and what Jojo had planned. John's comment was that this was the best father's day he had ever had. 

Saturday was the first Father's day that John and Jojo had spent together in twenty years and Jojo had it packed with special events.

The first stop was Craft Micro Brewery in Lake Elsinore, CA. 

I am not a fan of beer of any kind, taste or smell and as luck would have it a winery was located at the other end of the building where Craft Micro brew is located.  

I could just end today's blog right here....It was such a special day. But the day didn't end there.  


From Craft, Jojo took her dad, allowing Cathie and I to tag along, to a baseball game featuring the Lake Elsinore Storm.


The above photo was taken from our super nice seats in the second row.  

It  was really nice to be able to sit and watch a baseball game and have the mountains as a backdrop.  

I am not sure I will ever take the mountain scenery for granted.  It reminds me that we are not in Indiana any more Toto.  

Sunday afternoon they were back at work on the pergola.  

I think they want to break my camera at this point!

Calculating the distance between each one by one was fun for both.  

Many conferences were held at the top of the ladders.  

Calculations were completed and the two by twos went to their approximate spot.

She did allow her dad on the ladder until he had a misstep, tripped and fell a short distance.  

There goes the "Trippin With The Talley's" once again!

Growing up, Jojo was the one who was willing to start the fires, light birthday candles and climb every tree around.  She is also the only one to have a broken bone!  

John was there to lend his construction knowledge and to help out with the calculations and moral support.  

Jojo seems to be making a point here.  

Meanwhile, back on the ground work was continuing.  Cathie and I began to work on concealing the waterfall  box.  As all the plants grow, it will look as if the waterfall is coming from a small hillside.

Making this area look as if it has always been there is a challenge.  Rocks are laid down, then moved and moved again until the area looks "at one with nature."  
this step is very time consuming as the rocks and plantings need to be viewed from every available angle.  

After this photo was taken, we uprooted some plants and moved them further away from the box to give them room for expansion in the years to come.  

We also had to amend the soil considerably.  As we dug into the soil it was hard as rock,  I used the formula that I learned in my Master Gardening classes.  

Just a little work and the pergola will be finished next weekend.  The planting should be completed.  After Jojo saves a bit of money, the stone will be placed around the Koi pond and her work will be done for the summer. 

That is her construction work will be done.  She is an avid gardener and has raised beds containing many veggies.  Too bad we will be gone when the tomatoes are ripe.

But not to fear...we will be traveling with our pots of tomatoes and herbs!  

Thanks for stopping by.  God bless !!!   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sunday, June 9

On the northern portion of the Morongo Indian Reservation, is a fire burning in steep, rugged terrain.  All is located in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, not far for I 10 here in southern California.

John and I spotted this fire as we were on our way from our campsite here in the Desert Sky RV park in Hemit, CA.    

The fire had just started and was just a pillar of white smoke in the mountains.  We, being totally inexperienced with California wildfires were not sure that it was just that.   At least until we arrived at Jojo's home in Menefee, where she confirmed our guess.

The area of smoke grew as the afternoon began to drift to the evening hours.  The blue balloon indicates our position, and you can see where the fire is located.  

Last evening, as we returned from Jojo's, about thirty minutes away, the orange glow from the top of the mountain range grew larger by each mile we came closer to Hemet.  

Thank goodness the wind is blowing the smoke away from us, therefore not threatening John's breathing.  

Another thing to be so thankful for is that this is not a habituated area.  No buildings, livestock or homeowners are in the path of this fire, thus far.  

On another note,  the pergola and the area around the waterfall are beginning to take shape.  A few rocks were placed around the waterfall/filter box and it was exciting to see what this area could become.  

When I owned my water garden design, building and supply business, I had the final word on what rock went where and how the pond would look in the end.  Now, I make suggestions.  If they are accepted, good.  If they are rebuffed...that is beginning to be okay too.  It is soooo hard to not be in control.  

Jojo has her own ideas. That is good!  They are great ideas!  I just can't squeeze inside her head to see what she envisions. Maybe a mom is not supposed to do that?  

All of this interaction is a positive experience for me though.  I am learning much about being a mom of adult children.  I need all the practice I can get...It is not easy for a control freak!

Tuesday, June 11

The fire has grown and now the smoke is blowing toward Jojo's home making it harmful for both Jojo and John to be breathing smoky air.  We have postponed our work day.  

We seem to be smoke free here.  Hopefully John will retrieve our Coleman Road Trip Classic Grill so that I can fix our veggie burgers, grilled mushrooms, onions, pepper and potatoes.  OH yum, now I am getting hungry. 


Last Saturday, we all took a day off pergola work and traveled to Riverside to visit the March Field  museum where they have over seventy historic aircraft 

including the SR-71 "Blackbird", the world's fastest jet and the B-17 "Flying Fortress".  Artifacts date back to 1918 to the present.  

SR-71 "Blackbird", the world's fastest jet

I have really hate war and these airplanes are a symbol of war to me.  

My cousin lost her husband in Vietnam and every time I go to one of these places, I think of  how many lives are lost and families are
put into turmoil over the loss of loved brothers, sisters, wives, fathers, mothers, etc that are forever ripped from  them forever.  

I know, wars are inevitable.  We as a nation must protect our land.  And because humanity is selfish, this will not end until the end of time.

To say that John and I are thankful for the men and women to have and will serve and protect the United States seems to be, in a way, trite-too small.

When we were living in Indiana in our sticks and bricks, we lived close to Edinburgh, Indiana where Camp Atterbury is located.  Many of the troops would come close by to shop.  We would always greet them with a "thank you for your service."    

 Phil Dahl...this one is for you!  The minute I saw this Coast Guard Plane, I thought of you and your service.  And how crummy getting medical treatment is such as difficult time for you.  Veterans should never have to jump through hoops like you have since I have been reading your blog.  

I am on a soap box here, ya think?  Before I step down (or am pushed off), I am going to address one more terrible situation that we all should be up in arms about.
Imagine sitting here with enemy approaching.

That is the mental health system for our service men who return from horrific battles, injuries, stress, etc.

The suicide rate in unconscionable.  What is our government thinking? Each and every return soldier and their families should have the freedom to receive mental health care without the stigma of being "weak" and unable to continue their service, if they choose.

My uncle was a retired Major General in the USAF.  When we visited him in the summer, this is what I was greeted when he came home for "the office."  He looked larger than life to me!  




Thursday, June 6, 2013



Thanks for giving me this interview.
You're welcome

When did you purchase your first motorhome?
About three years ago.

Why did you decide on a motorhome?
I wanted to travel and do the fiber art shows with you.

Had you ever been camping prior to the motorhome?

Can you elaborate?

Oh, brother!
(laughing) Years of tent camping when our children were small.

What did you like about the first motorhome?
I like sitting up high while driving....the visibility while sitting up higher.  
The convenience of uh, stopping where ever I wanted. 
It provided the opportunity to explore new territory and is more economical than  using hotels and restaurants. And we can have our dogs and cat with us.

What did you not like?
It's size.  Driving it was intimidating.

What mistakes were made when purchasing the first one? 
Not spending enough time with the dealer and learning more about motorhomes.

Describe your first trip in the motorhome?
Our first trip was north of Chicago and we went through Chicago and I was petrified with all the lane changes, primarily.  Our steps had a mind of their own and would come out while driving.  That was nerve wracking. 

Did you have a Toad?
No.  Are we done yet?

Then how were you able to sight see and shop?
We had to drive the motorhome. Occasionally we shared rides with friends when we went out to eat. 

Do you like emptying the holding tanks? I just have to ask?
I don't like it, but I don't really mind.

What is your baddest of bad mistakes you made driving the far?
I guess backing over the retaining wall in North Carolina.

And just what the reason for that mishap?
I should have gotten out and surveyed the situation before backing. I should have listened to you.

When we got married, I weighed ninety-three pounds. I don't weigh that much now.  Do ya still like me? 
Yes, there's more to like. 

What would you change about me?
Your sudden mood changes.

Have they improved since I've started taking my anti-depressant in the morning instead of at night?

How did our kids to get to be so old and turn out so great?
I guess the same way we did.... 
I can't answer about our kids that but I  often ask  myself that question.

Are you still driving the Winnebago?

Why not?
We traded for a newer motorhome with slide-outs and a diesel pusher. 

How are you feeling now that it has been a year since you were hospitalised for respiratory failure?
Physically, I feel much better.  I haven't felt this good for eight or ten years!

What did you learn from that experience?
How precious life is.  How important family is to me also relationships.  

What do you like about the Tiffin Allegro Bus?
Wellll, I like the stability of the ride, especially in curves.  The Tiffin does not feel top heavy on the on and off ramps.  The Jake-break is a real life saver!  I like the roominess.  I just like the comfort.  And it's interior is homey and pleasing.  
What do you like our new style of eating?  
I'm sorry, was there a question? Did I miss something? 
What do you like our new style of eating?  
I like the flavors, the freshness, and it has helped me feel better.  I appreciate Karen's introducing us to this lifestyle and I like the weight I have lost.  I can breathe better!
(Karen is our oldest daughter)

Describe your favorite place we have visited thus far and why.
Oh boy......I am going to have to say that we have been to a few different deserts and their vastness, the quiet, how bright the starts are at night from the lack of light pollution, the coolness at night.

I really enjoyed visiting the Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego.

Is there one place you would not return?
There probably is, but it must not have been terrible, or I would remember it.  

Why does it take you so long to wake up in the morning?
I have no idea, it's just me........leave me alone!  

Where are we going when we leave here?
I don't know.......yet to be determined. 

Do you feel that helping Jojo with the Koi pond retrofit and the pergola has helped you gain strength?
Yes.  Physically = yes.  I've made some calculation mistakes and that really bothers me.  I think the mental mistakes are due to being on life support for so long...and the medications.  

What have you enjoyed most about being able to spend so much time with her after not being able to for twenty years?
That's tough to answer because I just enjoy  being with her.  She's good and fun to work with.  She is a great worker.  

Thanks for giving me this interview even though you are still asleep and on only your second cuppa coffee. 
You are welcome, I'm sure.  Should I add a disclaimer.
I think you should add that this interview was done under duress. 

Do ya still like me now that we are done with this interview? Huh, huh?
Yes, definitely like ya.