Monday, September 12, 2011


Wisconsin Sheep and Wool is history for another year.  We saw old friends.  Made new ones.  
We were lucky enough to meet Mike of Mad City Mike's Blog.  Mike is a weaver and a craker of antique circular sock machines.  At first, I thought he was a member of the RV family, but after talking,  I realized that we met through a cranking blog.  

I did not see one sock machine this week end.  It was at Wisconsin that I found mine last year.  And what a year of learning it has been!  I am now comfortable with my ole machine.  I wanted to bring it this trip, but decided we had enough planned to fill all our free time.  

I had a great group of students for the felting class.  They all listened to the instructions and made some lovely felted slippers.  

I had a mishap right before the class started.  I was burned by boiling water.  Luckily, the burn was only on my index finger and a small place on my thumb.  The index finger burn is a third degree burn and hurts a tad...just a tad.  

I was wearing a brace on my hand and I am sure that the brace saved me from much more injury.  

I have photos from the class and hope to learn to post them for all to see.  I love techy things, but often don't know how to operate the little buzzards completely.  

We are now on our way to Elkart, Indiana.  We have a cross wind that is really rough.  We are passing a construction site and the dust is blowing from the site enough to look like smoke from a wildfire.  

In Elkart, we will be visiting Duncan RV to have the windshield replaced.  Last winter, we were attacked by a huge sheet of ice that sent me ducking for cover.  The ice blew from the top of an eighteen wheeler.  What a shock.

While at Duncan, we will be doing some looking at neew motor  homes.  We hope to move to a newer rig and we need to see what we like and don't like in order to make a wise decision.  We went into the purchase of this one with no education at all.....not a wise idea.  

'Nuf said for now.  be careful out there!  And God bless your day!




  1. As we get to know our "first" I have decided that the only way to learn is to have one. Now you know better what to look for. Of course each MH is going to have different problems and pluses.

  2. Sounds like the trip to IN wasn't as bad as the trip up to WI....thank goodness, eh? ;) Perhaps you could have made several pairs of socks while stuck in traffic on the way up, but if things didn't go well with the cranking, the backed up traffic would've been even more painful!
    Good luck with getting the windshield replaced and have fun RV hunting!


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