Monday, September 5, 2011


Let's see if this works.  I started having problems with the last blog when I inserted pictures.  I have done this before, using pictures from other web sites with no difficulty, but something was wrong this time,
fo shore.... 

 I wanted to welcome new followers.  Mike of MadCityMike's Blog  has joined us.  He is a fiber artist and is a "craker" - circular sock machine person.  

Hillary of Crazy as a Loom has just returned from a week in Maine only to find that her husband suffered from a stroke while she was gone and would not tell her.  Such love.

WestieWaggin' has also joined us, but I cannot find a link to their blog.  So, Westie, if you have a blogspot, please let us know, if you choose, so we can follow your blog.

Then there is Katie and her human!  At Me and My Dog, they are having a super time out wanderin the good old U S of A...

Last, but not least is Al aka Stargeezer aka The Bayfield Bunch.  He has a great post every day and the pictures are to die for to boot! He and his better half, Kelly are getting closer to their departure date and he's chompin at the bit!

Now, I think I am all caught up on my welcomes.  If I have missed you, I'm sorry.  I love having new followers to my new blog.  

Have a great week, everyone!  and God Bless! 

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