Friday, August 26, 2011


How many times have you told your exceedingly patient friend, your long-suffering spouse, or your totally impatient child a story only to hear, "you already told me that", or maybe from that child, "you've told me that at least a dozen times!"

What can I say.  Is it a matter of memory?  My memory?  Surely not!  Why does one (do I) repeat and repeat and repeat themselves (myself)?  Do I feel the receiver of this important fact will not pay attention to what I have to say? And it is important, you know.... Or is it that I value the happiness of the other person so much that I want to help them. (weather or not they have asked for said help.)

Now, when I start to tell a story, I have learned, and sometimes remember to preface my story with "have I already said.....  ..... ....?"  If they say yes, then "nuff said". (hoping that they get the point I was going to try to make.) Really not funny, is it?

A few years ago, our youngest daughter was to get married in August.  August is a very hot month around here and I knew staying cool was very important.

BUT.....we had been to a wedding in June.  The bride also wanted to remain cool resulting is skipping putting on a slip, petticoat, or whatever they are now called that piece.  And this resulted in the guests ability to view a dazzling bride with her bikini underwear showing right through her gown!   

Sooooooooooo,  I proceeded to tell our daughter about this not once, not twice, I don't know how many times, not remembering that I had told her once!  Time after time, she would remind me that I had told her about this before.  First she was patient.  Then she was, should I say....MOM!  you've told me this! not so patiently!

I have been thinking about this habit of mine.  I have decided it is either an OCD problem, (obsessive compulsive disorder), or it is a control issue.  What do you think?  

Does this happen to you?  Does it devalue what you are trying to say?  Should you have said it in the first place?  Just wondering. 

By the way, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   have I tell you this??????????  

Be safe!  God Bless.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Now this is my kind of weather.  As long as the humidity is low and the day temperatures stay below eighty-five and night temps drop into the fiftys or low sixtys, I'm a happy camper.  That is just where our temperatures have been for a short while.  

There is just one problem with our nights.  Oliver, our huge eight pound "guard dog"  is finding something to bark at.  As soon as darkness falls, the wild life enters out back and he is on high alert.  Every five minutes he wants to go on safari.  Since coyotes are thick around here and regardless of our fencing at the house, they would love to leap over and have a yummy peaches and cream meal.  

Here is our protector supervising one of my students in a felting class that I was teaching.  This boy must be in the center of the action.  

When I am working and if the project is the correct size, this protector is poised on the felting table in order to supervise my work.  He is my best critic, he adores everything I do!  

Summer is winding down,  Art shows and fiber festivals are quickly approaching.  Motor home work is being completed and porjects in the house are slowly coming along.

I have not blogged for a while and had not planned to add anything until we were on the road, but yesterday I was reading Al's blog  and he shared how his readership decreased tremendously when he did not continue to blog through the summer.  Sooooo, since my blog is new and my readership is small, if mine decreased, heck!, I'd not have any readers and that would be a lonely experience.  

I have a neat story to share with you, but not today.  I found a newspaper article that was written about my great aunt and her travels.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I will share, if I'm not in another lazy dazey mood.  

For now, take care, safe travels and God Bless!  

Monday, August 15, 2011


Of course we planned too much to do in one day, but we did have a nice relaxing day.  Our goal was to leave here by nine o'clock, and we were pretty close to our goad.  We left twenty five minutes late. Our goal was to shop for rare coins for John and another circular sock machine for me.  

Originally, we wanted to go to an auction, but none looked promising so we took our second choice and thought we would try antique shops.  Having a limited interest today made the shopping easy.  We went in, looked carefully for our "prey", double checked with the shop owner and were on the road again.  

Our first stop was Shelbyville, Indiana.  Back in the seventies, there were two great antique shops in Shelbyville and we purchased a brass bed from one and a china cabinet from another, but Saturday, both shops were gone.  

We did find two shops just outside Shelbyville though.  They were at an interstate 74 exit just east of the Shelbyville exits.  One shop was located in a building just off the westbound exit ramp and the other, Jim's Antiques,  was on a road just after the ramp.  

Each time, after looking around we would ask about the circular sock machines, (CSM)Each time we would receive a bland look on the dealer's face and they would say "a what?" Then I would get my DroidX out and bring up a photo to show them.  "Nope," the have never seen a CSM.  

Our next stop was St. Paul, Indiana which is a bit further east, again right off Interstate 74.  We had gone to an auction there back in the seventies.  I bought John a mantle clock that he fell in love with for his birthday.  The auction was after sunset and we did not see the town.  This time, we had a treat!  We cruised through the town, up and down streets.  What a neat old town with lots of history.   

We were not traveling on the interstate, but on US 421 that parallels the interstate for some time.  And on down the road, we came to Greensburg.  Now this city is the county seat therefore the courthouse is located there.  Greensburg is noted for having a tree growing from the tower of the courthouse. 

I believe that the courthouse tower grows new trees constantly, and steeplejacks have to cut them out and trim the main tree. When the current tree gets too old or a disease, they will allow one of the others to grow and take the current one down. Never has one been planted. They are believed to be seeds from bird droppings.  

Tree on the Courthouse roof.   
In Greensburg, the highway leaves Interstate 74 behind and proceeds through the countryside. We visited Napoleon and Osgood.  We stopped and had our picnic lunch in Osgood and were greeted by General Osgood, a metal sculpture. 
Next to the "general" there is a spider web complete with spiders.
I wonder what message the artist was trying to convey.
I love finding these sculptures as we travel.  They pop up in the most unexpected places.  
After our picnic, we were off again.  We were in and out of interesting shops.  Some had the horrible musty odor typical of some primitive antique shops.
Our next stop was Versailles.  One of Indiana's state parks is located there.  It is a nice quiet place to visit.  We didn't stay as long as we had planned since the shops that had been located there were also out of business.  
Then we decided we would just "tour".  We wanted to drive back roads to explore a portion of the state we had not often visited. 
Even as we wandered Indiana county roads, we found ourselves in the midst of an unusual  setting.  But as we approached, we could hear very loud gunshots!  What in the world were we heading into?
This is what we found.....were were in Friendship, Indiana.  
Friendship is the home of the National Muzzle loaders Association.  People come from all over the world to compete in their annual competition in June of each year.  

They have a full hook-up campground there.  From what we were told the area is filled with thousands of visitors for competitions and reenactments throughout the spring, summer and fall.  

We found some old, old campers mixed in with new rigs there.  I don't know how old some were, but I took a couple of pictures to share with everyone.  

  People of all ages and families are enthusiasts of shooting muzzle loaders. And those a huge guns.  They are longer than I am tall.  I think I'll stick with my fiber art.  
After our tour of the area we were off on more of our adventure.  The drive was quite nice, but hot.  Oliver was with us because the prediction was for cooler weather, but the temperatures were in the low nineties (too hot for Oliver).  He drank a lot of water!  
As we traveled through the countryside, John spotted a beautiful stone work bridge. This is the
best shot I could get with my
not so hot camera.  I have no idea of the age of this bridge, but am assuming that it is from the late 1800's to early 1900's.  It is one lane and shows none of it's beauty from the other direction.  If possible, I would like to try to find it this fall for more pictures.  This would make a beautiful fiber painting.  One of my interests is taking fiber, dyeing it and laying it out to create a painting, just as I would do with oils if I were so incline.  I just prefer fiber.  

So we turned around and continued our scenic tour.  Going in the opposite direction.  I hope you can see how narrow this road is.  Even with the Miata, as we passed each of the two cars we encountered on this quiet country road, it was a bit crowded.

The majority of the rest of the trip was as beautiful as this scene until we came into Madison, Indiana.  

And in Madison, we were greeted with rain, lightning and thunder.  So up went the top and we continued our way, now inching toward home by the way of more county roads and state highways.  

All in all, it was a fun day.  A nice ending to our Anniversary celebration.  And now, it's back to work.  John is working on the columns in the between the kitchen, dining and front rooms and I'm about to head to the studio to prepare for the class I am teaching in Wisconsin.  

Have a great day and of course, God Bless! 

Friday, August 12, 2011


Today is our anniversary and we decided to spend it on another day trip.  Again, we hit the back roads, driving through the countryside full of corn, soybean and hay fieldsNo traffic to deal with on these roads.

The lack of rain has hurt the corn crops, and the hay.  The farmers have had only one cutting thus far and they should be in the midst of their third.  The soybeans appear, from the car, to be doing ok.  

Our first stop was the little town of Edinburgh, Indiana located south east of us.  This is such a cute little town with great architecture in the houses and city street.  They are trying so hard to revitalize the town to draw visitors.  What a struggle it is for them.  They have painted the buildings in the colors of the eighteen and early nineteen hundreds.  

Their main "drag" is lovely with brick sidewalks, old buildings and huge baskets of flowers hanging on the period street lights.  

Edinburgh is a town of wood veneer companies, and is agricultural.  It is also the closest town to Camp Atterbury from where all Army troops are deployed.  

Warrant Officer candidates
Warrant officer candidates walk the last leg of a 6.2 mile road march during Phase Three of the Warrant Officer Candidate School at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Ind., July 28. The candidates finished the march in less than two hours. (Photo by Jill Swank, Camp Atterbury Public Affairs)
We appreciate all the troops and what they do to make us safe.  Whether or not we agree with the wars we are in, we do support our troops.  They deserve our prayers and encouragement.

Almost every restaurant was closed between two and four o'clock.  Of course we drove in just after two!  But one place was open.  Guess what kind of restaurant it was?  ha... I'll give you one guess.  If you have been reading this blog very long, you will know that we have a love of Mexican food.  As luck would have it, El Jefe was open and to top it off, their food was very good.  

Now, we had really planned to tour south east Indiana, but due to 1. coyotes howling very close to our bedroom window last night and a migraine I have been fighting for the last four days, we got a very late start.  

This trip will be continued tomorrow morning - early.  We will head down toward Louisville, then turn east in the direction of Cinnccinati, stopping in all the little towns to visit antique shops.  

When we hit Madison, Indiana, on the Ohio River, we will take time to visit some of the historical sites.  Actually, Madison is a town and area that one could spend an entire day visiting.  We will see.  We are on no time schedule, we travel as we please.  

Oliver will be traveling with us tomorrow.  We are taking a picnic lunch and will not need to leave him in the car.  Last year, he did not enjoy the Miata with the top down.  This year, he loves it.  He sits on the console in the center and watches the road as we meander down the road.  

Our plan is to visit many towns ending in Batesville, Indiana.  Then we will head west toward home.  Tomorrow's report will let you know actally how far we make it.  

For now, be safe out there and God Bless! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Wow, was it six months ago!  Hard to believe that we were touring the mountains above Anza Borrego Springs.  Actually they call it Borrego Springs or "the Springs. The roads in the valley looked like  snakes on sand paper."  Some of the passages on the highway are so close to the side of the mountain, I could have, if I wanted to, reach out and touched them from my seat in the motor home. 

After our white knuckle tour, we were off to Carmelita's Mexican Grill & Cantina.  Oooooo my, what good food!  I was on a taco tour and rated this place at number TWO!  

Last night I was craving southwest tacos.  It was also our Mexican restaurant night. Now, wasn't that convenient!  I have never ordered taco's there and my rating for their tacos is not so hot.  But, it is the first meal there that was not top notch, so they are forgiven.  

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by our usual greeting committee of five or six.  They always have worn nice golf shirts, but last night, well baby, they were puttn on da dog!  

Everyone had on black dress pants, not jeans mind you, but dress pants with a new black belt.  And on top they wore burgandy dress shirts and black ties.  These ties even had silver tie bars!  Whoo hoo, they were stylin and proud of it.  

You know, if everyone in the U.S. had their work ethic, there would be no quality control issues....not one.  My hat is off to them and the owner.  He stopped by our table and was so excited.  His daughter starts first grade this Tuesday!  He is a mighty proud papa.

Speaking of hot food,  I just put a batch of wings in the oven with hot chili seasoning from Penzeys.  Then I sprinkled a bit of garlic and salt.  What is it that Emeril  says B A M!

How did I get from Borrego Spring to Greenwood, IN's finest Mexican restaurant.  I guess it's almost dinner time.  So for now,  safe travels for you on the road and for those of us who are home for the safe out there and by all means....God Bless!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


  What a glorious day!  It has cooled, there is a gentle breeze, and at five o'clock, I even heard birds!  What else could a person ask for.  And you know what?  Money did not, could not, will never buy any of those pleasures.  

We had rain late yesterday afternoon.  Of course with the rain, came thunder.  With the thunder came Oliver right on my lap.  That huge thunder boomer that was located right outside our motorhome door while we were in Iowa has totally put him on edge.  He hears the thunder long before we do and is stuck to us like wallpaper is stuck on a wall.  Poor thing.  

The rug is done.  We hung it outside so I could use the hose to spray  it with the hose to remove all traces of soap.  Now, it is drying.  I am pleased that I can place a check mark next to the rug  on my to-do list.
Photos will come as soon as I can locate my camera!  (Here we go again)  That camera and I have a hide and seek relationship.  

The rest of the day is going to be spent doing laundry and laying out slippers for the class I am teaching at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival September 9, 10 and 11.  I am not teaching for three days, but the WSWF is three days!  I'm so hoping that Karen in the Woods will be there.  I'd love to meet her and Steve. 
Hey Karen, there are camping spots right on the fairgrounds.  If any other readers come, please stop by, introduce yourselves, and camp!  

A friend sent me a link to a You Tube video that is totally awesome!  I am enclosing it here because I feel it is worth twenty minutes of your time.

Tonight is my Fiber Arts Guild meeting.  I'm pleased that I am in town and can attend.  The guild, at first, met in my studio, but has grown and we now meet at a local yarn shop.  It is really nice of Jill to share her space with us for an evening each month.

Not only is it guild night, but it's our Mexican date night.  Already, I'm going over the menu in my head - just trying to decide what new dish I want to try tonight.  They are soon going to need to expand their menu though.  This has been our Wednesday night routine for about three years.  

When we were in the Southwest last winter, I called them and gave them my usual greeting of Ondelay, ondelay!   I don't speak much Spanish, but I'm sure you get the idea. They all laughed and gave us a huge welcome when we returned home in the spring.  When we came back into town, we went there before coming to the house.  Now that is our routine each time we come home. 

It's time to put my nose into the fiber and create....Let the juices flow!  

Till next time,   God Bless

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Late summer.  The birds are not around as much.  Father Mockingbird no longer sings his chorus.  The chatter of the Wrens and the  Sparrows is gone.  The Cardinals and Bluejays are not around much.  Even the Robins no longer talk to their young.  All is quiet..... and brown from the lack of rain.

If Snowbirds are northerners that go south in the winter,  what are those that go from the south to the north in the summer?  Just wondering.  

Ah, there is a song.  A Cicada is singing or would you call that squalking?  

I'm feeling a bit down today.  There is a chance that we may not be able to make the trip to the southwest this winter.  We are trying to ready the house to put it up for sale and there is still much to do.  I am concerned that there is too much for the limited time we have left.

The art shows and fiber festivals on our schedule are fast approaching.  We have had a few weeks to be home and do things around the house.  I also have been felting to build the inventory. Time, need more time.  

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is only a month from now.  I will be teaching as well as vending.  We are looking forward to seeing friends that we only see there.  The next weekend we need to be in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the Wool Gathering. Then it just goes on from there.

Sooo, you know what, maybe the quiet is good!  Once we are on the road, things will not be so quiet!  

Update on the silkworms.  All but five cocoons have "hatched".  I have enough eggs for next year and beyond since a female will lay between one and four hundred eggs.  

Update on the rug.  It is, as I write, on the rolling machine.  I have been rolling it for just less than a week.  The timer is for only thirty minutes at a time and I will forget to keep my mind on it and have large lapses of time between rolling sessions.  Tonight, it will be completed. I have also finished another hat.  Now or the embellishments on the hats.  

I am looking forward to having my circular sock machine home.  I want to have socks knitted for the shows.  

Do you think I have enough to do?  I think so,......till next time....

God Bless

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It has been a few days since I have posted.  Each day as I experience different happenings, I think "now this needs to go into my blog".  Each day, the day gets away from me and I'm out of steam, therefore I don't post.  Another reason is we haven't really done too much.

Thursday, John installed our new dishwasher.  That took him all day.  While he was doing that I made a trip to my potter's studio to choose new colors for my knit bowls that I sell at art shows and fiber festivals.  The double bowls are really a hit!  It is one of those times that I took a chance and it paid off.  And would you believe it, but red is the most popular color.

On the way to the potters, John needed me to go to the hardware store to purchase a fitting for the installation and then run it back to the house.   This was supposed to save him a lit of time!  OK,  I'll be happy to do that.  And I did. 

After visiting the potter, I drove back south to visit my Megan, my granddaughter and Harper, my great grand!  What fun!  Harper is growing like a weed and is developing a great personality.

After those two errands I headed home.  Upon arriving home, I find John Still on the floor working on the installation.  It turns out that he needed another fitting and had to go get it since I was out gallivanting around.  Guess what?  He bought the wrong fitting and had to make a return trip.  Those trips take time......and patience. 

After the dishwasher ordeal, I decided John needed a treat.  I surprised him with a trip to Nashville, Indiana, the home of Brown County State Park.  In the Autumn, the park is the destination for those that love fall colors.  It has been said that the park is a "little Asheville, North Carolina".
Beautiful Fall Colors!
This photo is taken from their website.  It is not a good photo, but hopefully, you can get the idea.

We decided to go back roads rather than taking the highway.  As we drove the roads and would come to a stop sign, there would be a flip of a coin to see if we should turn right or left.  What fun.  Some of the times we also went straight too.  

The camping at the State Park is great with full hook up sites, in a wooded campground where the deer will join you for your morning coffee or tea.
The raccoons will also join you if you leave a bit of food outside on your picnic table.

We prefer to go down to camp during the week in order to miss the crowds of the weekends.   Early in our camping days, I drove down to reserve a camping sight and as I entered the camp grounds a deer flew right over the hood of my car.  Now that was a wake up call for sure!

Oops, got sidetracked there.  We arrived in Nashville just in time for lunch at the Artist's Colony Inn and Restaurant.  We enjoyed the air conditioning and the quiet dining.  We both had tenderloin and broccoli slaw.  The tenderloin was good, the slaw was bitter.  The sweet potato
fries were great!  

It was good to just sit and talk.  We planned the rest of our day.  Sadly, due to the heat and humidity and John's breathing problems, we passed on visiting some of the shops.  Regardless, John was really enjoying his day out so far. 

We decided that our next stop would be at the studio of a friend.  John had never been to Chris Gustin's weaving studio and was looking forward to visiting. 

Chris has one of the nicest studio's that I have visited. Not that I've visited many, but still I am sure hers would be the nicest if I had visited dozens.  She has a large front porch extending across the front of her studio.  Different weaving looms sit side by side across the porch.  Each loom has a project on it.  Each morning after Chris' swim, she goes to the porch and weaves until the heat chases her inside the studio to do more work. 

Imagine, sitting on the porch, weaving, or doing whatever you enjoy doing most, and watching nature in action.  I am thankful for my studio, but oh to have her view! 

After John found some yarns for scarves, we slowing headed home.  We used some back roads and dutifully watching our gas gauge, since it was approaching the big E, we took some highways.  As luck would have it, we found gas at forty cents a gallon less than at our home gas stations. 

As soon as we  finished filling the car and were back on the road, it started to sprinkle.  Then it started to rain and we had the top down on our Miata!  Now, as long as the car is in motion, we don't get wet.  We kept moving and the rain fell harder and we kept driving with the wipers going rickety split and the two nut cases in the car were laughing so hard it was hard to drive. 

As the wiper swiped back and forth across the rain drenched wind shield, I suddenly noticed that they were not doing their job!  What the heck????  I leaned forward and peered at the windshield.  It looked as if the wipers were just floating above the windshield and got wiping off the rain. 

Saturday morning came and we were not ready to get back to work, so we took off for flea markets.  John was looking for rare coins and I'm on the lookout for anything fiber related, especially circular sock machines. John one, Nan zip. 

Now, I am back to work on the felted rug project.  I'm about to call it a project from hell.  Why, why did I ever decided to make this so huge?????  The lay out is complete and the water applied and felting has begun. 

With my sweat band around my head to catch "glow",  I attack the rug to be with new energy.  But someone pulled the plug.  John came in to help with the first process of watering and pushing the air out of the fibers.  It wore him out!  You know that energy I spoke of?  Well someone pulled the plug! 

It is now in the pre felt stage with a huge amount of work to be done.  I am in for lunch and a bit of rest before I go out to tackle my project again.  Today, I will be up on the felting table dancing on the felt.  Stomping my rug just as the nomads and felters did in ancient times.  I did a bit of this yesterday and when John came into the studio, he had another laugh. 

Can't day I don't keep everyone laughing, anyway. 

Well that's enough of catching up for today.  Tomorrow, if I remember, we will talk about our trip to the orchard.  Stay tuned..............

God bless and protect you all.