Monday, September 5, 2011


In just two short days we will leave for Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. September 9, 10 and 11. I will be vending there and Sunday, will be teaching a felting class.  

John has been working on the motor home and there is one leveling jack that is acting up.  It will not retract thus when he wants to level the passenger side, the jack just hits it's "toe" on the ground.  Grrrr.  He has tried to pound it back in with a rubber mallet, sprayed tons of W-D 40 on it, begged, pleaded, offered me as a sacrifice, all to no avail.  

On the brighter side, he has found a wonderful cleaner/wax that is doing wonders on the motor home.  I wonder how long it will take to do all thirty five feet of this wheelestate.  

Did you catch that last word?  We want to eliminate our real estate and have only our wheelestate.  Seems like a good trade to me!  

I am really pleased with some of the fiber that I have dyed.  I finally put on my dare devil hat and started mixing my own colors.  I love how they have turned out.  The fiber I have dyed is mainly for the felting class that I will be teaching, but there will be some left to sell at the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs Ohio the following weekend.  
Jeb Mac (Jeff McKinley) and his wife, Carolina Pearl, will be back this year entertaining the kids playing a farmhouse fiddle, banjo, lap dulcimer and other instruments. The children young and old enjoy singing along, playing instruments and dancing.

If we have room in the motor home, I will take my circular sock machine on this trip.  We will be gone for two weeks and I hope I can spend a few evenings knitting socks.

As we look to winter travels, I have decided to take my sock machine, possibly my Schact Matchless spinning wheel and supplies to do more fiber "paintings".  

Since we will be leaving in December rather than February, we will have more time to do our artsy activities.  

As I finish each step of preparation for the fiber festivals, I move the completed items to the motor home and am totally impressed at how much better my studio is looking.  What makes it even more pleasing is that I am not in the cleaning mode, but it looks like it!  I kinda am impressing myself.   

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool is only in it's 10th year and is a huge success!  It is full of classes, competitions, an auction, style show, youth activities, stock dog trials and more events. 
There are tons of vendors!  (Ahem....I'm one! - in the west building of the country store.)

People come and shop till they drop.  
If you are in driving distance, come visit us.  
It looks as if the weather is going to be great this year now that it has cooled down.  Blogger has started creating a problem, so I will sign off since I  cannot control it from this end.  Hopefully, someone will have an answer for me in the comments!  
Be Safe all - And God Bless and keep you....

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  1. over the years I only did a few shows that were to far from home to drive back every night. When I did, I had to stay in Motels. Once in awhile I would stay with friends.

    How nice to be able to take a motor home. Does it become a tax deduction? I would think a percent of the expenses would be.

    Hope you sell tons of stuff and enjoy the shows.


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