Friday, October 19, 2012


We arrived at Indiana University Hospital and the Simon Cancer Center for John's MRI.  After a short wait, John was escorted to the "inner sanctum" of the hospital.  Then, I waited for an hour and a half.  I had no idea that it would be that long.  

While waiting, I watched many patients come for their tests.  Some had huge "cocktails" to consume prior to their test.  Others had their hair in pretty wraps to cover their bald heads on a very cool, windy day.

One gentleman sat in the warm sunlight and enjoyed the garden on the other side of the huge, glass window.  He radiated peace.  It was good to glance up from my reading and see him sitting there.  

Another gentleman came into our area and sat down, placing a huge backpack and what looked like a case for a medium size musical instrument.  He quickly struck up a conversation with the gentleman in the sunlight.  Then they included me in some of the conversation.  

I what kind of instrument was in the case.  As if he was just waiting for someone to ask, he opened the case and revealed a ukulele.  It was larger than the ones I have seen previously.  

He played the ukulele for a while then segued into his version of AMAZING GRACE.  After his song, he returned the instrument to it's case and the conversation turned to "why me?".  The man in the sunlight shared that he went from "why me?" to "why not me? The ukulele player said he has not reached the why not stage, but he does see life in a new perspective.  

Both men were then called for their respective tests and I resumed reading my book until John came out.  We then went to have lunch.  

While eating, my phone rang, but before I could get to it, voicemail took over.  I looked at the number and it revealed one of the dealers in Kentucky that we visited Tuesday and Wednesday.  We decided to finish our lunch, do our shopping and then call the dealer when we returned to our home on wheels. 

Tuesday, we had made our offer on a 40' Tiffin Allegro Bus and the salesman countered.  His counter was unacceptable to us and we walked.  

Wednesday, we returned and shot him our final offer, we left for him to think about it.  We came back to Indy for John's appointment.  We were totally at peace with what we offered and we knew that eventually, we would have a motorhome that met our needs.  

To make a long story even longer, I can now say that he accepted our low ball offer!  This is based on the buyer of the condo completing his purchase next week.

Soooo, here is our new to us Tiffin Allegro Bus!  It has only 26,000 miles, new carpeting, four door refrigerator, washer/dryer, tons of storage.  Thank you all for your prayers, advice, and your encouragement.     

One by one, we tick things off our list.  The only thing holding us back from heading to South Dakota is the results of John's MRI and biopsy.  

Did you catch the ONLY???

Thanks again for your good wishes and prayers.  Keep them coming!  I am praying for zero cancer!  I know the doctor said eighty percent, but I am asking for John to be in the twenty percent!  

God Bless!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Whew!  We are having a super windy day.  There are gusts of forty two miles per hour.  The motorhome rocks a bit while we are parked.  I would not want to be on the road today.Wind_blowing : Blue seamless pattern with clouds

Tomorrow, we may travel to Kentucky, Tennessee and possibly West Virginia to scout for a 

Female Detective Clip Art

We have been researching dealers and inventories on line.  Maybe, just maybe we will find the motorhome that suits our needs.  

This is not sold to us.  

If we do not find a motorhome, it will still be nice.  At least we will be out of the Camping Word asphalt jungle!  We still have a minor repair that we are awaiting and are grateful for our parking spot.  

Thanks to all who are sending suggestions, hints and leads to motorhomes that are for sale.  We check each suggestion with a grateful heart.

We will return Wednesday in time to catch our zzzzz's before John's MRI and biopsy.  We received a phone call from the doctor's office and his visit with Dr. Koch has been rescheduled for November 6th.  

We were planning to be on the road September 12th.  Now if all goes well and John does not have prostate cancer, we will be on the road November 7th or 8th.  It is a wait and see situation right now.  

Thanks so much for for visiting with us.  Please be safe out there as you travel.

God bless.  


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Time continues to march on and we continue to sit still. As time brings us closer to John’s MRI and biopsy, we continue to search for the “perfect” new-to-us motorhome. 

We waffle between gas and diesel, thirty five feet and forty +- feet, two slides, full wall slides and three slides. Then, there is Itasca, Winnebago, Tiffin, Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Newmar.

We travel from Indianapolis to Cincinnati, Indianapolis to Dayton, Indianapolis to Richmond, Indianapolis to Louisville…..all in search for our “perfect” home on wheels. 

Some days this is an enjoyable exercise. Other days we feel totally overwhelmed as we search online.

Oh yes, then our daughter in California found a Fleetwood for us….and it looks sooo good.  But we know nothing about Fleetwood.  

Today, we decided that we may travel to Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas to look at motorhomes. BUT then there is DiMartini R.V. in California. They seem to have some very good prices. Of course, we have learned that what looks good on the internet can be not so good in person.  

When Merikay was searching for the motorhome for Craig and Mk, I wondered what the fuss was! We sure have learned a few lessons from this experience.   You all can stop laughing…..right now!…………..Please.

So, here we sit in the “asphalt jungle (parking lot) of Camping World-Indianapolis. We watch the new motorhomes leave and look at the motorhomes the buyer leaves behind. We have yet to see what we want…you know, our “perfect” home on wheels.

I know, it would be much easier to choose a new motorhome. BUT, we also see the new ones come back in for “adjustments” to the things that have not worked correctly. Therefore, we have decided to let someone else take care of the problems of a new motorhome.

We really like the inventory and the prices of DiMartini. But! Let it be said…..we are open to any and all suggestions from you all.

I am sure that every one of you have learned from reading my blog that I do not like making a mistake. I want to research, research, research. I do not want to make a wrong decision. I desire perfection…..can you say OCD? 

AND from thinking this through today I remember the wonderful verse that many of you reminded me   when John was fighting for his life in March and April. As a matter of fact, we have a reminder here on our table… keep our minds/hearts in “line.”
Jeremiah 29:11 = “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD …. Plans to give you hope and a future

Thank you for stopping by…

God bless you as you come and go….