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Forty-six miles northeast of Louisville, Kentucky is Clifty Falls State Park.  Clifty Creek Canyon stretches from north to south through the park.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park.jpgTwo creeks run through the park, Clifty Creek and the Little Clifty Creek.  The last time we visited the park some of the hikes were disappointing as there were now boardwalks instead of hiking paths. Some of the boardwalks did not allow the close-up views of the canyon. But, some provided safety for the hiker while giving a beautiful view of the canyon below.  

File:The Tunnel Trail.JPG

A great day trip from Clifty Falls State Park is the town of Madison, Indiana, also located on the Ohio River.  

Jefferson County Courthouse, Madison, Indiana

Open for tours, the Greek Revival Lanier Mansion and Gardens are located on the Ohio River. The next best thing to living on the ocean is living on a river.  
File:Lanier Mansion closeup.JPG

File:Lanier Mansion garden.JPG
The gardens with the Ohio River and Kentucky on the opposite side of the river. 

Built by Irish laborers, the Madison and Indianapolis Railroad was built in 1835.  At that time the population and size of Madison was greater than the capitol of Indiana, Indianapolis.  

File:Madison Indiana Depot.JPG

The Federal Style architecture of the Schofield House, once known as the Lanier-Schofield House is a striking contrast to the Lanier Mansion. Serving as the first two story home and tavern, the house welcomed travelers on land and on the Ohio River.  

On January 13, 1818, in a large room on the second floor of the house, the Grand Lodge of the Indiana Free Masons was organized.  It has been said that the large room was originally intended for guests as they traveled through Madison. 

File:Schofield House blueroom.JPG

Schofield House: Tavern keepers room

Considering my love of fiber and spinning yarn, I just had to add this photo of the kitchen where the Great Wheel sometimes known as a Walking Wheel was kept in order that the spinner would be by the fireplace for warmth as she spun her wool into yarn.  

Schofield House: Parlor

Take a walk down Main Street and enjoy the diverse architectural styles.  

File:Madison IN Main Street.JPG

The Classic Revival Style of the Charles Strewsbury house added to the diversity architectural styles in Madison.  My favorite part of this house is the grand circular stairway. 

The beauty of this house was on the inside rather than the, what I consider the stark exterior.  

Humm, isn't that just what we desire to find in people we meet? 

A major stop on the Underground Railroad, many homes in Madison served as a haven and resting place for slaves as they worked their way further north and to freedom and safety. 

From main street in Madison, you can access the cross streets to lovely historic homes and shopping.  In many of these old buildings and  homes converted to shops, you will be able to access more history and architecture of Madison.   

Friday, November 29, 2013


Two state parks that are also within easy driving distance of Indianapolis, are McCormick's Creek and Spring Mill State Parks. 

discover RVing IndianaMcCormick's Creek has 190 campsites with electricity. Water is nearby as well as a dump station.  All the comforts of home.

The area was hunted by the Miami Indians before the area became a state park and the Indians left Indiana. McCormick's Creek is the oldest state park in Indiana and is another project of Richard Lieber who was mentioned in a previous blog. 

McCormick's Creek State Park

Visit the Nature Center

Nature Center

Nature Center displays, games and quizzes

Hike the trails.
wolf cave trail

Take a dip in the swimming pool. 

Swimming Pool

Or play a game of tennis or basket ball.

Recreation Center   basketball court outside Recreation Center

Canoeing, kayaking and fishing are available nearby on the beautiful west fork of the White River.

You might even want to drive into Bloomington, Indiana and tour the city that plays home to Indiana University.  If you are lucky, you might find that you are there when an opera, concert, ballet etc. are being performed at I.U. 

Another state park that is close by is Spring Mill State Park. Spring Mill is home to a Pioneer Village.  

The entrance to the Pioneer Village

Spring Mill State Park

The sluice from the mill runs through the village from the river to the power the mill where products are sold. 

When you leave the mill, you can visit other log cabin style shops along the walk.  


John and I found their vegetable and herb gardens.  A Indiana Native flower garden graced the center of the village. 

You will find caves to tour by foot or by boat..  


Entrance to the Grissom MemorialAn addition to the park is the Virgil I. (Gus) Grissom Memorial.  Gus Grissom was the second man in space and one of the astronauts that died in a spacecraft fire.  Grissom is a hometown hero of Mitchell, Indiana, located near the entrance to the park. 

Interior view of the Grissom Memorial

Indiana is more than corn and soybean fields that we pass on the interstates.  Take time to stop and explore.

Thanks for visiting the blog today.  Finally, the Amazon link finally works thanks to our computer guru, Rick.  

God bless you and your activities today.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Oops!  Second post in a day.  The first post was completed yesterday.  I will mark it up to old timer's disease.  

Every day last week, we had an appointment at each of John's physicians.  Every appointment was a good one with really pleasing results from CAT scans, blood tests, etc.  Dr. Lykens, John's pulmonologist, was glowing as he reviewed the CAT scan with us.  We were floating on cloud nine.

Sunday found us at Megan and Adam's home for an early Thanksgiving.  Megan is our older granddaughter and has presented us with a great granddaughter, Harper.  Harper is riding on her horse right behind Jackson, our other great grandson.  Jackson is the son of our grandson, Zach (right behind the horse.)  Adam is in the chair.  

Jackson is three months older than Harper and they are best buddies.  It is so much fun to watch them together.  We are looking forward to welcoming our third great-grand in January.  Megan is due January third and has begged us to stay.  We just cannot do that.   

While at our Thanksgiving celebration, I noticed that John was not feeling well and was coughing.  After experiencing his respiratory failure in 2012, my warning alarm went off.   That's what happens when we are back in Indiana, it is freezing cold and we sit in physician's offices with tons of germs.  First thing Monday, I called his Dr. Lykens, with a report. Now,  John is now on two antibiotics and steroids as precautionary measures.

Yesterday morning, the alarm clock went off at six o'clock. Leaving John in bed, I stumble out of the bedroom to get ready to leave at seven-thirty in order to arrive at St. Richard's School in Indianapolis where grandchildren, Lucy and Ross attend.   It was Grandparent's Day.  

As we entered, we were given a program that had a drawing. Featured on the program was a Thanksgiving card created by Lucy.  

Here is Lucy with her turkey hat, sitting next to her Thanksgiving card featuring a turkey saying "I love pizza!"  

Yes, Lucy has a great sense of humor.  She loves to tease and tell funny jokes.   

Each grade level performed and it was so much fun to watch Lucy and Ross.  It was impossible to get a photo of Lucy's class performance.  

Luckily, I did get a photo of Ross and his Kindergarten class performing. There is Ross with his beautiful red hair.  

After the performances in the chapel, we went to visit each classroom. 

Ross' class had more songs to perform.   The bottom expression is one of his funny looks he loves to use to make us laugh.  

When school was dismissed, the kids left for a vacation in Florida.   

Oh lucky them!  

Right now, snow is blowing horizontally past our warm, cozy motorhome. God willing, in ten days and we are out of here! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and, or friends.  God bless you and your day.   



This state park, close to Interstate 70, seems fitting for the week of Thanksgiving, doesn't it?  I wonder if it was named for turkeys running from hunters.  Just kidding.
location of Turkey Run State Park in Indiana - click for more detailed maps
great hiking in Turkey Run State Park

Hiking at Turkey Run takes you on many adventures.  If you walk through some of the parks ravines of sandstone dating back to what scientists believe to be 300 to 600 million years.

suspension bridge over Sugar Creek leading to many hiking trails

There are eleven miles of hiking trails in Turkey Run with one taking you over this suspended bridge.  Prepare yourself as nature will show you its glory.    

As at Brown County State Park, get your canoes and kayaks and explore the waterways within the state park and beyond the park's borders.  

Sugar Creek flowing under the Suspension Bridge at Turkey Run State Park

unique geological features at Turkey Run State Park
hiker resting where a Turkey Run State Park trail meets Sugar Creek

Sunset Point is the location of the Lieber cabin, built in 1848 with native Indiana Tulip trees. The cabin was moved to the park in 1918 by Richard Lieber, the German-American known as the father of Indiana's state parks.  His ashes are buried at Turkey Run. Lieber Cabin

Lieber encouraged charging admission to the state parks saying that by charging admission the visitors would hold the parks at higher value.

Another structure within the state park is the Salmon Lusk home and mill site.   

Lusk Home

Lusk and his family cut the stone for the foundation of the home, made all the bricks by hand, dug a coal mine for fuel to heat and built a gristmill with a horizontal water wheel.  

A community sprang  up around the Lusk home, remaining until in 1847, a Sugar Creek flooded and washed the community away leaving only the brick dwelling intact. 

In 1916 using funds donated by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Lusk home and property were purchased and Incorporated into Turkey Run State Park.

Another covered bridge is located in one more Indiana state park.  

The Narrows Covered Bridge

Thanks for taking the tour of Turkey Run with me. Hopefully, one of these days, we will meet at the campground.  Until then....

Be safe out there on the roads today and God Bless.  

Monday, November 25, 2013


Brown County State Park

Just over an hour south of Indianapolis is Brown County State Park sometimes known as the "Little Smokies." 
Now, compared to the Smokey Mountains, Brown County is a smaller, beautiful state park filled with activities for each reader. 

The park is the largest state park in Indiana with 15,696 acres to explore on bicycle, horseback or by hiking trails. 

The west entrance to the park is the park to be used by those with motorhomes, fifth wheels and trailers.

Brown County State Park

The east entrance has a covered bridge that has low clearance as well as a weight limit. 

The first landmark beyond the entrance will be an enjoyable location that enables great vistas, the West Lookout.  

Leaving the West Lookout, continuing into the heart of the park, you will come to intersections.  Just turn right.  Follow the well marked signs to the campgrounds.  

Our only complaint with the campgrounds is the parking spots are closer together than we would like in Buffalo Ridge.  If you continue past that smaller campground and follow the road, you will be in a more wooded campground sporting larger sites.  The drawback?  If you have a larger rig, I would recommend that you use the park map and make reservations for the site that fits your needs. 

A plus is there is a paved section entirely for disabled / handicapped.  It is in this area that in the summer of 2012 that we met the child, Amanda, who just had her last chemotherapy for brain cancer.

Amanda with Socks at Dude Ranch Camp. The smile says it all!

This is the latest photo, taken from her Caring Bridge site.

She is healthy, happy and growing.  She is also thankful for the readers of this blog that have prayed for her complete recovery.   

Amanda is a straight A student, participating in many activities.  

Back to Brown County State Park.  There is a four mile loop throughout the park as well as being able to ride on the road and even ride into Nashville, where you can shop till you drop.  


hiking Brown County Indiana

There are twelve miles of hiking trails with some starting from the campgrounds.  

The shortest trail, a half mile loop starting at the nature center is the first trail John walked after being released from the hospital.  What a happy day that was.  

The Fire Tower is another place to visit.  Do you feel like climbing? Add that to your hikes to have a great workout!

The seventy mile equine trail takes you through parts of the park that is only found on horseback.  You can find the perfect horse that meets your needs at the stately Saddle Barn.  

Brown County is a mecca for artists.  Bring you sketch book, oils, water 
colors and even your camera to capture outstanding views.  
Brown County State Park
Hesitation Point is just one of the terrific views that are calling for artists to capture.

When you are ready for some open air after being in the City of Indianapolis, hook up and move south to the Brown County State Park, our favorite state park in our home state of Indiana!   

Thanks for joining me today.  I sure hope it is warmer where you are!   It is thirty-three degrees, falling to twenty-six tonight.  

Your comments are a delight!  

What am I thankful for?  Each and every one of you.