Sunday, April 21, 2013


Desert dust and the fairy sparkles / glitter that comes with it is neither a pleasant sight nor a pleasant feeling when I rub my hand over a flat surface. 

Thus, I clean dust out of corners and polish the cabinetry.  Vacuuming the carpeting and washing tile in the kitchen and bathroom area and window washing becomes the excitement of the day.  Grit is everywhere!  

I love the desert, I do not love it's high winds and dust storms.  Thus, We leave Blair Valley which is one beautiful part of the Anza Borrego State Park.   

We drive through Warner Springs and the Palomar Mountain Range.  As we approach Temecula, we see wild horses!  Are they really leaping over the highway? How do they have the strength to make that huge leap? 

We leave the beauty of the mountains and descend into the valley containing cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Oceanside, Carlsbad etc. One city stretches into another, and another...on and on.  

Did I mention traffic?  People in California drive like there is no tomorrow!  Everyone is in a hurry to be somewhere.  For an environmentally conscious area of the U.S. these people burn more fuel with their high speed driving.  

NancyJo explains this phenomenon.  She says people live far from where they work in order to have 
IMG_20130419_153349_439.jpgaffordable housing.  Thousands and thousands of people commute an hour or more to and from work.  What a rat race!  

Our first stop is San Marcos Camping Word for a part to our toilet (another story in itself), and a part for our awning, (still another story).   

We spent two nights 'on the road' in the Home Depot and Walmart lots respectively.  We had hoped that there would be a cancellation at the Carlsbad State Beach for the weekend. But no luck.   

We are now in dry camping at the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon.  Our 'neighborhood'  consists of green, rolling foothills and a parking lot and the casino containing six different restaurants and more slot machines, roulette wheels, blackjack tables than I have seen since Las Vegas. 

We left with our money still in our pockets.  

Tomorrow, we head back to Oceanside  and Carlsbad State Beach.  

Hopefully, I will soon have photos of the Pacific Ocean and more activities to share with you. 

No, horses cannot jump over the highway.  They are more work of Ricardo A. Breceda: Sculptor/Designer.  He  is the 
sculptor that created the works in Borrego Springs 
and Anza Borrego State Park

Thanks for stopping by and...God bless!


  1. That picture of the dust is unbelievable! Ugh!

  2. I don't blame you for being sick and tired of the dust. I love the desert but after awhile it's just too much. I lived in El Cajon for a short time back in the 70's. And I thought they were crazy drivers then also. Love the horses. Hope you get your spot on the beach.

  3. When outdoors, dust gets into my mouth and scrunch! it goes everywhere.

  4. I love that sculpture of the horses. What a unique idea.

    Egads...I had those desert storms. After one dust storm, we even had grit in our teeth. Safe travels.

    1. Yep, when i bit down and was chewing sand .... made me shiver!

  5. Great idea with the horses. Sure looks like they are jumping over the road.

  6. Ack, just thinking about chewing sand makes me queasy! Sorta like fingernails on a chalk board!! Hope you find somewhere without all the blowing sand.

    1. Hi Donna, I will take fingernails on the chalkboard any day compared to chewing sand. We are in a non sand blowing area, but, I am sure that in a few months we will be eager to be right back in the desert with blowing sand and all.

  7. We had high winds in Arizona for a few days last week. So glad when it calmed down. I remember dust storms from when we were in Texas.

    1. Merikay, dust storms are for the 'dust bunnies' I just do not like them. I bet you did not like them when you were in TX. It was in Texas that we had our first experience with the dust storms. At that time, we thought they were neat. Ignorance is bliss, they say!

  8. I get tired of the desert winds too. It's a beautiful place to be in the winter but I guess we can't have beauty and perfect weather all the time.

  9. How well I remember the dust of the desert. Now we contend with the dust from the road we hit on while Gate Guarding on TX. Traffic in and out raising the dust. Lots of cleaning to do when done here.

    Sure hope you have found a lovely camping place.

  10. Yep, that dust storm looked terrible, I would not have liked to be outside in that. I loved the statues of the horses too!

    Good luck with the campsite, hope you are able to get one.


  11. Sorry to be so late to comment, been sick. Doesn't all that sand get into your eyes? Wow, I don't see how you can breath. I was just watching a show on the dirty 30's reminded me of that. And how many died from dirt pneumonia they said. Good luck getting a place to camp.


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