Thursday, September 8, 2011


That is exactly how I feel this evening.  The last three days have been, what can I say......excruciating?......busy?......hard?......tiring?......really, I have no word to describe them.  

Tuesday:  pack the  motor home.  Run errands, Pack the motor home more.  Pack, load, pack, load....bed.

Wednesday:  Stock refrigerator.  In  other words, ....  Pack food and load refrigerator and freezer.  Finish getting clothes into motorhome closets and drawers.  Since the temperatures went from ninety eight degrees to fifty in a twenty four hour period, we had to pack for cool and hot temperatures.

We pulled out of the drive about three hours later than we wanted.  We need to get fuel.  Pull up to the pump and I discover that my business debit card is not in my purse.  Can you spell getting testy?

Exit BP station, drive back home, up the drive, go to green barn to look for the card that I think is in the Miata...not there....walk to house to look for missing card...oops!  It's in my book bag from my trip to the library and Tuesday's errands.  

Back to motor home that John has turned around and is poised, maybe a bit impatiently, waiting for take off.  Back to BP...fill up with gas and we are off and two hundred dollars porer. (we did not fill up)

Now, to make things interesting, we are now entering the rush hour madness.  We cannot take Interstate 74 west since there is a major road construction effort underway, including a HUGE detour.  So we decide to take the south loop of I 465 to I 70 then cut up on state highways to 74, thus missing the detour.  Right..sure...have you heard of Murphy????

Traffic is not toooo bad......UNTIL.....we get around Interstate 70 and I 465, out by Indianapolis Municipal Airport.  Just as we commit to that and voila, a traffic jam.  Not an ordinary traffic jam, but for over 2 hours there was no need to use the accelerator.  Just take foot off brake and let the rig creep up five or six inches, hit the brake and wait for about ten minutes and repeat!  That does wonders for our m.p.g! 

We finally reach the state highway that will take us up north to I 74 and we are off!....., Not so fast, buddy.  THAT road had a detour!...just a small one though.  But..... we decide to take another road that actually takes us through the town that NASCAR drive, Jeff Gordon is from.  

Pittsboro is the name of the town and it has a restaurant that serves great catfish.  We love young catfish, so we stopped at Frank and Mary's for our first F & M's catfish in fifteen years our so. We had our dinner, which did not live up to our memories and off we went on our trek to Wisconsin.

The drive from our driveway to Frank & Mary's would normally take us a little over an hour. Then our meal would last an hour - maximum.   Our driveway to the Indiana / Illinois state line takes about two hours.  So that would mean that if all conditions were good, we would arrive at the state line in three hours.  That would be seven o'clock.  

We arrived at the state line at nine!  You get that?  NINE O'CLOCK! 

Mapquest said this entire trip would take six hours and fifteen minutes and we were at the state line in five hours.  Can you say, we...are...running....late?  

Well, we drove until about midnight, stopped at a new Sam's and Wally world complex at the intersection of I 39/I90 and WI 26.... (nice) and fell into bed to wake up at nine this morning.  Are we having fun yet?  

We awake bleary eyed...I wonder why???   After a drive through at Micky D's, we drove a short, short distance to Jefferson Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. Ahhhh, finally achieve our driving goal. 

We were fortunate enough to be able to drive the motor home right into the building and unload.  I think that is our first good break in over a week!  God is good!

The booth is set up and if I must say so myself, looks great.  I have an antique Canadian Production spinning wheel for sale and a gently used Schact Matchless spinning wheel in our booth to sell.  There are the knitting / plying / warping bowls thrown by our friend and potter John Todd, aka PawPaw Pottery.  Then we can add our fiber, knitting lights, needle felting and wet felting supplies.  

I am looking forward to meeting fellow blogger, Mad City Mike.  Hopefully, Karen in the Woods will also show up and introduce herself.  If there are others in Wisconsin or traveling through the area, please come to the Country Market - West building, north west wall, come buy and introduce yourselves!  

But right now,  It's 8:06 and I am going to bed!  Night all!

God bless and hold you in the palm of his hand.  


  1. Hey Nan... darn we are not going to make it there this year. Just not in the budget, sadly. (hubby works for the State and has had horrendous cuts to his pay) Jefferson is 200 miles south of us. I think we have to stay closer to home.

    Have to keep reminding myself I don't need to BUY anything there. But I do so enjoy the camaraderie of fellow weavers. I know Mad City Mike is planning on attending. Say HI for me!

  2. Nan, you are talking a foreign language with this fiber stuff. So I'm going to follow along and learn the language - at least a little bit. We usually get started about three hours late after we've been sitting for a little while. But you sure put in a much longer day than we would. Have fun at your wool show.

  3. A rough start, but you got there safe and sound. Hope you have had a good sleep and a wonderful day by the time you read this.

    Sell lots!

  4. It was great meeting you and John (i "hope" I remembered your husbands name correctly!). Did he get a chance to look at the various smaller looms that were around the 2 buildings? I bought only what i went there for and that was 10/2 100% mercerized cotton....8 colors to be exact. My stash now has 11 beautiful colors, plus black and white. I will, of course, post about them when I begin weaving towels again. Right now, I have 16' of warp on for several Looper Rugs.....I have to dye a few specific colors for a couple of those, too, but I enjoy that process.
    Again, it was great meeting you both and I hope the trip home is MUCH easier!


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