Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A week ago when we pulled up to Bob and Deb Cline's farm, we had planned to leave Wednesday or Thursday.  

Ole man Murphy had a different idea.  The weather climbed well into the nineties.  There were air quality alerts which made it impossible for John to be out and about.  

Bob and Deb graciously asked us to stay there until we could travel and John could enjoy being outdoors without putting his health in jeopardy. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, John and Bob worked on the motorhome.  The generator had been giving us a hard time.  Now, the Genny runs smooth as a kitten!

Monday, Deb and I sat on the deck and were spinning away while watching and listening to the different voices of the sheep.  Oliver, Olivia and Fergus the Australian Sheep Dog got to know each other.  

Tuesday, Deb continued to spin and I brought out my antique circular sock machine.  Being away from my fiber equipment for over a year has created quite a review and relearning experience.  Finally, I feel at home again with my wheel and my CSM.  

Wednesday, John mounted the brackets on the trailer bed for holding the bicycles.  Yeah!  Now, we don't have to have the bikes inside the motorhome while driving!  That was a pain!  

 The gathering was an all day affair, so I got quite a bit of spinning completed.  I was even able to  ply the yarns in to two ply yarn.  Now, I need to decide what I am going to knit with it. 

Yesterday, we arrived at Grand Harbor State Park.  The drive was a short one, thank goodness as we had a late start.  

After our late start, we stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond for coffee pods for the Keurig and a few little, miscellaneous items.  Then, John went in Menards (a Home Depot or Loews for all out west).  

We needed a couple two by fourteen boards for the car to sit on.  Right now since the Miata is a little two seater and sits close to the trailer floor and the door hits the metal rail. Right now, it is hard to exit the Miata after driving the it on the trailer.

Getting to Grand Haven was a breeze.  And what a breeze we have here....simply maaavalous. 

The culture shock really got to us though.  Being accustomed to large, roomy campsites, welllll, let's have a look.  Drum roll please!  And on our left....Does the name Intruder describe our situation?  

This unity is cozily tucked to our right.  We can't say that we have a site with a great view.  But, we are here for just two nights and tonight is the second.  But wait!  I am not finished....

If we were staying here for a full two weeks or even one week, I think I'd be a little bit nuts before the end.  BUT, we are leaving tomorrow.  Ahhh, all is well.

We went to the beach to try to capture a beautiful sunset.  What we got was a so, so sunset.  Here are a few of the photos I took.  Maybe someone will enjoy the sunset at Lake Michigan.  

I enjoy the sailboat with the United States Flag.  It was not in the sunset, but love it anyway.  United we stand!  

T H E . . . . .


E N D  !  

You KNOW John is going to get me when he sees this!  

Good Night and God Bless!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Allegan, MI
72 degrees - green trees and grass!

We have spent three super days here at the Allegan County, Michigan fairgrounds.  The  annual MICHIGAN FIBER FESTIVAL is a knitter's, weavers, felters, spinner's and crocheter's dream.  Buildings and tents full of yarn, raw wool, roving, books, spinning wheels, weaving looms, needles  ...... on and on and on!

Thursday, Henny Penny welcomed us to the Allegan County fairgrounds.  She was feeling a bit bent out of shape because her feathers were not in demand this weekend.  Oh well.

There has been so many vendor booths to visit that we have not left the fairgrounds.  I had a restaurant in mind for John and I, but we just shopped then returned to the motorhome to have either our lunch or dinner.    It is much easier to eat in that at a restaurant since we are eating a plant based diet.

There is a wide variety of vendors.  Some sold finished knit or woven sweaters, ponchos, wraps etc.

I so admire fiber artists whose work is so good that they can sell their work.  The weather really cooperated with them this weekend with the cooler temperatures.  It is much easier to sell natural wool products when it is not in the nineties.

The talented weavers presented some beautiful rugs, place mats, bags and table runners.  I loved looking at the different patterns.  There was a pattern to please every person attending. 

The top group of rugs were woven in different patterns that I had not seen before.  And they were a bit larger than many rugs.  I like the variety.

Karen in the Woods would have been a tremendous vendor with all her rugs and various patterns.

At some time, I hope to be able to see some of Karen's work in person.  She is an inspiration and her work has encouraged John and I to do some loom shopping.

These animal sculptures are created by needle felting.  They start out as a hand full of loose sheep, goat, llama or alpaca fibers.  Using a special needle that has barbs on the end, the fibers are compacted and shaped into the animal that the artist has in mind.

When needle felting, one must keep an eye on their project!  If you look up, your needle should be suspended in the air.  Why?  It really, really hurts when you stab yourself with a felting needle.  I have accidentally sent a felting needle through the pad of my thumb when looking up to talk to someone.  Not good.

I love the names that some vendors name their businesses.  And these are true businesses.  Many are farm based.

Vendors work hard to have products that the shoppers will like.  Keeping the products affordable is a challenge.  If these vendors charged by the hour for some of their creations, the prices
would be over the top.

Color is another aspect that vendors must consider.  What is "in" this year?
What colors will be the trend for 2013?  Will they like bright or muted?

Then to show the colors, samples must be knitted to demonstrate how they will look in a garment.

Robin Edmundson does a beautiful job of dyeing.  She truly has the magic touch when it comes to color.  I have been fortunate enough to take a couple of classes from her and have learned so much.  If you look at Robin's colors, you will see colors that have been taken from nature.  You see sunsets and oceans and many more color combinations.

Angora Goat
The fiber festival also had sheep and goat shows.  I love the animals.  This cutie is an Angora Goat.  Their fiber is so shiny and soft.  It makes lovely garments.

There is also a goat breed called Pygora.  It is a cross between a Pygmy Goat and an Angora Goat.  Again, quality fibers come from the right animal.  
Pygora Goat

The fiber from an Angora Goat is called Mohair.  Mohair yarn has a "halo" and is often used when knitting lacework shawls.

It also makes a beautiful sweater.  I'd love to knit a sweater.  I wonder if I will ever do it.  Just call me a chicken.
Sheep are the most popular wool providers.  When you purchase your fiber at a show, such as the Michigan Fiber Festival, you are getting products from the United States.  In addition, no harmful chemicals have been used in the processing of the wool.  When you purchase a fleece (wool directly from the animal), you will find a little vegetable material (V.M.) in the wool.  It is easily picked out when spinning, etc.  I'd much rather have my fiber with a little V.M. in it rather than chemicals.  

At many of the Fiber Festivals, you will find sheep shows.  If you are fortunate enough to purchase a first or second place fleece, you are a mighty happy person.  
getting their sheep ready for the show ring is an exacting activity.  The animal must look perfect in the handler's eye.
After visiting the vendors booths, the goats and sheep three times in three days, we were ready to make some purchases.  We bought a thousand yards of Mohair.  What for?  Can't say just in case someone reads this.  In addition to the Mohair, I got another set of knitting needles to use with the Mohair.

Well, after three days of walking, walking, and more walking, we are about ready to get back on the road.  Next destination?  Not tellin... you need to come back and see where these Travelin Talleys are going next.  

God Bless, and please be safe out there.  

In the spirit of Judy and Emma, I leave you with this............


Friday, August 17, 2012


Monday, we left the beautiful Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana and moseyed on up to the Camping World in Greenwood for an oil change, a new lock on one of our compartments and a new toilet.

Some of you might remember that we had "issues" with the toilet on our trip to the Southwest winter before last.  It was supposedly repaired by Edmundson RV in Taylorsville, Indiana.  Again, Edmundson let us down and we turned to Camping World for help.

Edmundson's service staff trash talked Camping World something fierce and had us convinced that their service technicians were terrible, the service was terrible, etc.  As it has turned out, almost every repair we had made at Edmundson's has needed to be re-repaired costing us thousands of dollars.

What we found the Greenwood, IN Camping World was a service driven  organization that believes that truth and honesty is the best policy! And we did not have to wait for days or weeks to have our work finished.   Kudos to them!

Tuesday, John had an appointment at Indiana University Health Sleep Apnea Education Center where he received a final review with Dr. Damien Patel who is doing his fellowship, and Dr. Shalini Manchanda.  After John was examined and questioned about his sleeping situation.

It has been about a month since he had his sleep study and has been waiting eagerly for this appointment.  Do you think he looks happy to be in their presence - finally?

The next step was to schedule a follow up appointment. Tammy took care of that business.

I looked at Tammy's identification badge and could not believe that she was the person pictured.  I do not remember how much she weighed prior to her bariatric surgery, but it was a lot.  Congratulations, Tammy!

Next, we were off to meet with Jeff Scott, a super energetic and enthusiastic Respiratory Therapist.  It is Jeff's responsibility to explain the need for CPAP.  I had no idea that the heart rate increases tremendously with sleep apnea.

A resting heart rate should be lower than when up and about,  John's heart "resting" heart rate was over the target heart rate if he were exercising!  John was at risk of having a heart attack!  Gee, can we add anything else to his list of problems?

John was given the choice of three methods of delivering the continuous positive air pressure.  The one on the left fits right above the top lip and covers the entire nose.  On the right you see one that covers the nose and mouth.  That mast reminded me of a scene in the movie Top Gun.  These two, were John's rejects.
 This is John's choice.  This has short "tubes" that fit just inside the nostril and has a "pillow" that forms a seal.

At the time, John thought that this would be best for him.  He has used this one every night and continues to have air leaks that wake me up so that I can wake up John and have him re-seat it.  John is sleeping better, but not me.  John now thinks he will trade it in for the one on the left that covers the nose only.

With both of these choices, a chin strap needs to be worn to prevent mouth breathing.

Surely there is a smaller chin strap out there!  This looks as if he has either a neck lift or a tooth ache!

On the positive side, John feels so much better.  He is less tired and his eyes have life in them rather than total fatigue.

Wednesday, was another doctor appointment!  This time John had a growth removed from his leg.  After leaving the doctor's office, we were off to Hayden Physical Therapy so John could say thank you and good bye.

Yesterday, we finished our business with Camping World and finally....I repeat, FINALLY on the road of fulltiming!  First stop?  Allegan Michigan.  More on Allegan and the Michigan Fiber Festival in next post.

For now, thanks for stopping by.  I love your comments .....   God bless!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


When I awoke this morning, instead of waking to temperatures in the seventies, the temperature was fifty-four degrees!  Whooo-hooo!  What a difference!  
I dressed in warmer than usual clothing, put Olivia and Oliver on leads and off we went!  
Walking the dog dog graphics

 I planned on a semi-abbreviated walk because we wanted to be at the Columbus Farmer's Market and I thought we would be riding our bicycles when we returned.

We arrived at the farmer's market early enough to find  everything we had in mind.  (but we left part of our minds someplace else)  In other words, we forgot a few things.

We were welcomed at the Farmer's Market by a group of Bluegrass musicians.  What sweet music they provided for the shoppers.

The fruits and veggies were out of this world.  Being on a plant based eating program, we found so many varieties of fruit and vegetables.  They insured that we will not be bored this week as we eat. Any one for fried green tomatoes?  Yum.   

Oops!  No photo of ears of corn for a delish salad I found the recipe on the Internet, of course!

The first time we shopped at this farmer's market, we discovered a booth that has out of this world gluten, dairy free pastries!  Last week, they were on vacation (rats), but this week we bought pizza crust and our usual bread.  

We made a pizza when we got home, but did not care for the pizza crust.  Sorry guys.  But their bread is to die for.  The owner is a baker that must eat gluten free. 

She has developed the most outrageously wonderful breads.   We purchased their gluten / dairy free pizza   crust and their Harvestee Bread.  Oh wonderful.    You can contact them at  

They are considering opening a storefront and I wish them the best of luck, but not enough luck that they become overwhelmed!  If we were planning to stay in Indiana, we would be regular customers.  

There was one other vendor that sells neither fruit nor vegetables.  She sells jewelry.  Two weeks ago, John purchased a necklace, bracelet and earrings set for me. Today, we returned to her booth to find another pair of earrings.  

These vendors and Farmer's Markets are by no means like those that are found in the P.N.W, California, etc., but they are good for the area we are in.  

We do have a Praise the Lord for the Amanda Report.  Her MRI and tests on her spinal fluid ALL came out clear!  No signs of cancer!  Way to go Amanda!  Way to go God!  

We have been here at Brown County State Park since July 3rd!  It has been hard to consider ourselves as full-timers since we are only thirty miles from our former sticks and bricks home and John commutes for physical therapy twice each week.  

Tomorrow is preparing for our first moving day!  We head north to Greenwood, IN and Camping World for an oil change and an overnight stay. 

Blueberries From there we head north on U.S. 31 to Allegan, Michigan and the Michigan Fiber Festival ...................... and blueberries!~ 

Anyone on board?????

God Bless!  and Hugs....

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Whoever said that cleaning the motorhome is a two hour job was pulling my leg!  I started at nine-thirty this morning and just sat down.  It is three thirty-five.   
I've clean the cracks and crevices, swept the floors and rugs, cleaned windows, mirrors, bathroom, grill, vacuumed all the furniture (I want leather next time), cleaned screens, vent fans, on and on and on.  AND I started dinner.  I have yet to do all my cleaning in two hours.  When I finish writing this, I'm off to shower.  

John went to physical therapy, had blood test done and is doing some shopping for us.  He will come home tired and I will be just as tired.  

Tuesday, we went to pick up or trailer and have the wiring done.  Thankfully, the motorhome had the wiring, so only the trailer needed it done.  Now, our trailer has breaks.  

The salesperson showed us how to tie down the car once it is on the trailer and off we went, towing our little two seater behind us.   

The next stop was the bicycle store to pick up our bikes and to hopefully find the solution to hauling the bikes.  We got our bikes, but could not find a suitable way to transport the bikes.  I think we should have bought a longer trailer.  
Two inside the motorhome?

We put the bikes inside the motorhome to bring them back here.  I sure don't want to do that every time we move. 

We cannot attach them to the Miata since the trailer has a drop-down gate.  John is thinking we cannot attach them to the motorhome.  He is concerned about them being squashed during a turn.  

I am thinking that we might be able to attach a hitch to the trailer.  When the car is secured on the trailer, then we can attach the bike carrier and bikes.  Does anyone have a better solution?  Don't worry, ours has tandem axles.  

My walking has exceeded four miles and I have too much energy left at the end of the walk.  I am going to increase the distance again tomorrow morning.  

Our cat, Noah, has made an escape two evenings in a row.  Tuesday, I tried to chase him down.  There was no way he was going to come back inside.  After a couple of hours, he came home.  Last night, I called, he didn't come and I went to bed.  He was here this morning...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  God bless....