Sunday, September 18, 2011


We are back at the campgrounds and homemade chicken and noodles is on the stove.  It is VERY unusual that I'm not draggin me behind at the end of a show and here I took over the kitchen and making a good comfort food for our after the show dinner!  

Our sales were better than yesterday!  That is soooo unusual for a show that ends on Sunday.  Usually, Sunday is so slow has such low attendance that one could shoot a cannon down the isles.  Today, you could still shoot the cannon down the isles, but each sale was much higher today.  One sale today was the total of two or three of yesterday's.  I can live with that.  

The Dixon's sent good wished and prayers last night and I thank them for both.  God is so good and is totally in control.  

We have decided to stay her tonight and maybe even tomorrow night.  I do have a lot to do in the studio to get ready for the St James Court Art Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  It is in two weeks and I am trying to decide if I can take the extra day off.  I need to work on my inventory.....what's a person to do.  

The weather was wonderful this weekend.  Mild temperatures only in the seventies, a bit of a breeze.  In the sun, I was hot and in the shade, I was too cool without a shirt...just my kind of weather.  

It is so nice to offer people products from the USA!  I am so tired of seeing the made in China label on everything.  I know that we need to watch our dollars, but we need to support companies that are in the U. S. of A!  I would rather do with less and support my country's businesses.  

Last week at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, a couple came into my booth and purchased a Schacht spinning wheel.  Why?  Because they are farmers and finally.....finally had a year of profit on their farm.  

They said that the previous year, they were in the red.   Why?  Imports!  Why?  Because people made purchases of products made in China, India, etc.  

I am a small business person, Merikay is a small business person...Hilary, of Crazy as a Loom, Mike of Mike Mad City, Karen of Karen in the Woods....these are all bloggers...and I have not mentioned all.  These are the persons that we need to support.

OK, I'm off my soap box!  Only because dinner is ready! 

Safe travels to all....God bless your walk today and tomorrow!  


  1. I've always said I could make more money working at McDonalds, but I enjoy what i do and I just don't count all my hours.

    Glad you had a good show! I hope all of this fall is good for you and all the other crafters out there.

  2. So happy to hear your sales were better on Sunday. Chicken and noodles - sounds really really good. And everything will get done. The Lord loves you.

  3. Glad to hear that Sunday went well and pleasantly surprised you. :)
    I also hope that our "yesterday's weather" didn't reach you too quickly...perhaps it was heading northeast instead of east. We've had rain off and on since Friday night. I do hope you have good traveling weather for the trip home.
    The "coveting" vendor didn't purchase your spinning wheel? That would have really been a highlight yesterday, eh? :)
    Have a safe trip home and I look forward to your next post!

  4. Thanks for the soap box!

    I am all for buying made in America too... I was shocked with all this hubbub on tv about apple juice.. especially the part where our apple juice comes from CHINA???????? WHY are we not supporting American apple orchards and planting more apples and making more juice here in the United States?????


    (okay, off my soapbox too)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Ohhhh one more thought... those homemade chicken and noodles didn't happen to be from one certain wandering chicken???


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