Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We cruised right through Cincinnati with just one stop at Bass Pro Shop.  John picked up what we needed as Oliver, Noah and I lounged in the motorhome.  

Our next stop was in Oldenburgh Indiana.  Oldenburgh has a total population of 640 according to the 2010 census. The average income is over $65,000/yr.  With a population of six hundred forty, you would think it was a drive through and not notice town. It isn't that!  The town seems much larger and has large churches and is noted for the spires.   It is only forty-one miles from Cincinnati.

This is where you will find Waggner's Inn.  The Cincinnati Enquirer listed the Inn as serving the best fried chicken in the area and in our opinion, they were right.  Oh my!  But don't order mashed potatoes.  They are instant, so I had a baked potato.If you are traveling to or from the Cincinnati area, but sure to check out Waggner's Inn, right on main street.  You will not be sorry!

Last night was the fall premier of NCIS and that is John's all time fav show.  It was to start at eight and here we were leaving Oldenburgh at seven.  We missed the first half of NCIS - bummer.  John took it quite well.  He said he'd catch it in the reruns. 

When we came into the house Oliver did his "normal" - maybe not so normal - well let's say normal for him running through the house.  Up and down the hall, over the hassock, back down the hall, into the master bedroom down the hall, through the family room.  Needless to say, he slept well last night!

Noah went out for his nightly prowl and was ready to come in at bed time.  Now that surprised me.  I thought he'd be out all night.  

Today, we have just been catchin our breaths.  We did some banking, picked up a few groceries, put gas in the Miata since the price of gas was down here as it was in Yellow Springs.  Now, if it would continue to go down to a reasonable price.  I'm not holding my breath, but we ARE filling up the motorhome to take advantage of the price.

Tonight is Wednesday night and that means our Mexican night at El Rodeo.  Our grand daughter and Harper (our ggd) are meeting us tonight.  Meg is a real sweetie.  She called her "capaw" to wish him happy birthday while we were in Wisconsin.  Very throughtful.  

I am reading of fellow RVers having problems.  Judy is still having her brake problems.  John and Carol have a defective radiator.  Jim and Linda are also having their share of problems.

My prayers are with all of them.  After our experiences last winter, I know how frustrating and discouraging waiting, being at someone's mercy feels.

As I write this I am looking outside and watching the squirrels  play tag, running up and down the trees and across he ground.  They are having so much fun, it makes me laugh to watch them.  

For now, safe travels.  May those responsible for getting repairs made work wisely and quickly.  And may those who are not having problems continue to have that good fortune.  

And may God Bless you all.....


  1. Sounds like everybody is really glad to be home. I am completely in love with Mark Harmon and nobody better call me when I'm watching NCIS.

  2. You too! Glad you are home safely and it was a good trip without breakdowns! Nice to know that can happen too.


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