Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I haven't posted for a few days for a couple of reasons....maybe three... four or more.... a lot more.  

I have have had knee replacements with the first being fifteen years ago. My doctor said I was too young, but the quality of life was stinky.  He scoped it first and that was successful for about a year then, we tried Hyalgan shots in the knee.  That was wonderful until I went on a home tour, walked up and down stairs all day and walked from home to home.  By the time the tour was over, my knee hurt and looked like a balloon.  

Surgery was scheduled and I did marvelously!  Physical therapy (p.t.=pain and torture) worked wonders.  That knee has been perfect until now.  Now, standing is a problem.  And what do I do?  I stand to do much of my art work and stand to work with customers.  

A knee replacement will not happen until I am totally miserable.  The surgery is ok, but the physical therapy is hard, hard work when I am working with a physical therapist.... maybe physical terrorist!  

Also, I am having problems with my back.  Let's think about this... more comments here.

Also (again) the arthritis is in my hands.  This makes my art work hard, hard, harder.  Three years I had my left thumb repaired.  You don't want me to describe it.  The procedure sounds worse than it is.  But..again there was three months of occupational therapy on my hand.  (another terrorist!)

Tomorrow, I go to the doctor for my right thumb.  Dumb thumb.  Here is a video of the surgery he will do, hopefully next week. Pretty soon, I am going to be the Bionic Woman with all new joints!

St James Court Art Show in Louisville, KY is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I should, do ya hear that S.H.O. U. L.D. have a huge inventory for this show as it is a great show to sell my artwork.  

I do not have what is needed to provide the income that I desire.  Every time I make something, I'm out of commission for days on end.  Frustrating.  Right now, I have three hats that need to be embellished and I have no strength in the thumb, but plenty of pain.  
I am going with what I have done and be thankful for what is finished.  I'm going to stand there and smile as I sell whatever people purchase from me and other vendors.  I WILL be thankful for what income my work generates.  We may travel this winter with less money, but I WILL be thankful that we are traveling.  

OK, enough of crisis.  I started the washing machine to, of course, do laundry.  Out comes thick BLACK water!  I immediately shut off the washing machine.  At the same time I hear John calling out to me, "do you have the washing machine on?"  He was getting BLACK as he was washing his hands

To make a long story short, the black, gritty water was only coming from the hot line so we drained the hot water tank until the water is now crystal clear.  Panic for a little while, but simple reasoning saved the day.  Now, we will see if the water stays clear.  

Now I am way behind.  I've laundry to do, dishwasher to run, etc. etc.  We will leave directly from Ortho Indy after my appointment, so I really don't have much time....and here I sit and whine.  

OK, back to work.  Be safe in your activities out there and

God bless and keep you!  


  1. I know what you mean about the pain and doing your work. If you were working for a large company you would probably be on disability by now. Not so for the independent artist! Of course we have not paid into the workman comp insurance system either.

  2. Holy cow! Black water??? erggg. Glad you got it fixed!


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