Tuesday, September 13, 2011


On our way to Elkhart, Indiana and Duncan RV Service, we stopped by Cabella's for a look-see.
Cabela' Homepage
Cabela' Homepage
I did not find anything that was special enough to purchase.  John found their 50th anniversary cap and just could not live without it.  

We arrived at Duncan around 8:30 last night.  The hook up area is right next to the building and across from a salvage yard.  One machine works all night, but did not keep us awake since we were so tired.  We hooked up and went to bed and seven o'clock sure came too fast.

The windshield install was to be completed by noon, then we had a six hour wait so the seal on the windshield could set  up. Oops!  They delivered the wrong windshield....can you spell D E L A Y??? 

The new glass arrives and the installation starts around two o'clock. It's in!  Now to wait for the set up time. So here we sit, w.a.i.t.i.n.g.... We will leave here in the morning and head to Shipshewana, an Amish community just east of here.

I am missing all things fiber.  I really was wishing that I had my spinning wheel in the Duncan waiting room.  I'm not a good TV watcher and had nothing to read or do...can you spell bored?

Speaking of Duncan's waiting room....

It reminded both John and I of waiting in a hospital's waiting room (with a bit more comfort) and awaiting news of a sick relative!  Hoping for the best, but preparing for the bad news.  Thank goodness, we had good news!  

All I can say is I highly recommend Duncan RV Service!  What a crew!  If you ever need service on your RV in the northern Indiana area, you can feel confident that they will take good care of you.  

So, here we sit.  Watching NCIS. Waiting to leave tomorrow.  Have a safe day and 

God Bless...


  1. I feel so sorry for you! There is NOTHING on "the strip" to walk to....if Duncan's is on Cassopolis Street as I think it might be.
    I lived not too far north of that area and have gone to Shipshewana many times. I love the area. Even when I lived outside of Niles, MI, I drove over there for "horse stuff" when I had a small team of mules.....great place!
    I hope you enjoy your time there......and if I remember correctly, you're there when the flea market is operating? So much to look at even if you aren't buying. :) I remember going to the "horse auction" one Saturday and seeing a stagecoach with a team of 8 white ponies go up for sale. If only I'd had the money...and the space for their purchase. LOL Good times!
    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Nan,
    In reference to using the sock between cranked socks....all of my loopers were commercially bought through Great Northern Weaving Supply, north of kalamazoo, MI.

  3. Ohhh boy I HATE waiting... and usually like to watch the guys actually doing the work on our rig.

    We don't trust them! One time we left our rig in the hands of the mechanics and later had grease tracked inside all over the carpeting, greasy hands on the walls by the door as they went in and out, and they left tools inside our engine compartment and said *good to go* ... we kept the tools!

    I keep my spinning wheel in the motorhome closet, with my hanging clothes buffering it on each side from tipping over. (an upright castle style called Wee Peggy from New Zeland) And a basket of knitting, socks to close toes on, and various other bags of yarn and needles are stowed on board too--- just in case!

    My sock machine travels in the motorhome in a small tool box and the folding stool in the closet. No matter where I am, I am sure to take along some kind of fibers!

    I have tried spinning on the wheel as Steve drives, but the wheel going in one direction and the scenery flying by in the other direction out the window gave me vertigo or car sickness!

    I have even kept a thick sock being knit on 5 needles in the car in a ziplock bag and knit a few rows when sitting at a train crossing, or take into a doctors office.

    Yup, I am a confessed Fiberholic! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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