Sunday, April 8, 2012


Resurrection Sunday.  Once it was called Easter.  That was before the merchants got hold of it as another marketing ploy.  

When my parents took me shopping for my "Easter outfit,"  they made it perfectly clear that the reason for the new dress, shoes etc. was to signify a new beginning, new life, new life as a gift from God.  They made it clear that Christ Jesus was born to die for our / my sins and he died willingly in order that I might live forever with Him.  Every time I wore the dress, I remembered that life changing lesson.

I am so thankful for those lessons.  Yes, if we (John and I) were not Christians, we would experience the same crisis.  But we / I would not have the peace that fills me today and every day John has been sick.

Speaking of da man.....Today he was placed in a cardiac chair. A cardiac chair is similar to a recliner.  It can be placed in a reclining position or the patient can sit up.  It was designed for patients with cardiac and respiratory illness.  

It will take some of the pressure off the lungs and they say will make breathing easier.  Right now, the breathing is a bit ragged.  He is upset due to the change.  I assume that he feels insecure in this new setting.  It is hard to know what or how he is feeling since he cannot talk.  But, this is another baby step on our journey.  

Some times I talk to him and it seems he cannot hear or maybe comprehend.  Yet when I asked him if he was ready to get into the motorhome and head for Anza Borrego State Park in California, he tried to get up!  At least I know what his motivation will be.  And you can count on it that I will use this to our full advantage. 

At the same time I remember how to eat an elephant...........

One bite at a time!

Today, I think of an Inchworm.  They move very slowly .... just like John's progress.  And if you KNOW John we would almost say that is the way he moves!  In the last few months, I've been calling him turtle.  Not to be mean, but a sweet tease.  

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God bless you all, be safe out there.


  1. Great news...New life, New beginning! Happy Easter to you two!

  2. Happy Easter to you and John!

    Thank goodness for your faith, it sure does help us get over the rocky roads and on to smoother traveling. I still pray for a complete recovery for John, and for patience for you. I think it's often harder for the "well" person than it is for the one being treated. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too. :)

  3. I cannot imagine going through life's trials without a knowledge of the Savior's plans for us. There would be absolutely nothing to hang on to.

  4. Slow and steady, one bite at a time. Great attitude!

    Keep talking to him - he is obviously hearing you.

    Love to both you and John and Happy Easter.

    Sharon & Ron

  5. I'm so glad you can see some humor in all the "hard stuff" and I agree with the friends who have already posted. I too can't imagine going through your trial or life's trials at all with out knowing the Lord has a plan for my life. Jeremiah 29:11 got me through a lot of tough times and so did Deut. 31:8 That will give you something to look up tonight. And I also agree, take care of your self too so you can continue to be strong in caring for John. Glad to hear about the inchworm step today.... Progress.....:)

  6. First and foremost here is hoping you had a Good Easter Sunday by what the day was meant to represent.

    Since John has become ill we have all been praying for him and he will recover if he doesn't give up. Right now he can't speak so give him a note pad and pen so you'll hear his words on the paper. Also if you see he looks depressed with his slow progress challenge him by saying you are waiting to start fulltiming with him and he better hurry because he's missing some beautiful weather. Try it! It might just make him work within himself at healing faster.

    It's about time.

  7. Even a little progress is encouraging. I hope you felt surrounded by the peace and grace of God today. As Barbara said, don't forget to take care of yourself.

  8. I too remember, as a kid, Easter as a very special time -- with new clothes for church, the passing of Winter and Spring's arrival. Reading your post, this old song came to me..."Without Him I could do nothing; Without Him I'd surely fail; Without Him I would be drifting; Like a ship without a sail." Continuing to pray for John and of course you -- God bless!

  9. thanks for the invite to your blog..I had noticed your name on other blogs that I read..sorry to hear that your husband is in the hospital..hope that each day there is some improvement in his progress.
    take care of yourself!


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