Friday, April 27, 2012


Due to the death of the hard drive on my computer, I have not been able to write the blog.  Once I purchased my new HP Pavilion, I had some newbie issues to deal with. 
Royalty-Free (RF) Computer Clipart Illustration by gnurf - Stock Sample #209889 These help desk people from India are so hard to understand!  When I asked him to clarify himself, he would rudely say "you are not listening!" grrrrrr
After about fortyfive minutes, we fixed the computer and it was up and running.  

Later in the evening, the keyboard suddenly locked up and I could not type a thing.  This time I got a tech from Missouri and we worked out the problem in about five minutes!   

Then, yesterday my cell phone died.  Now I have a new computer and a Motorolla Droid Razor.  The Verizon people were over and above what one could expect from them.  I would recommend Verizon to anyone that would ask for my opinion.  

Looking that today's title, can you tell I am getting hungry?  There was a time in this journey that the thought of food made me sick. Now that John is getting better, my appetite is increasing.  I had lost twenty pounds prior to John's illness.  Since then, I have lost another six.  The challenge for both of us is going to be not eating ourselves to the before weight.  Both of us still need to lose more weight.  

The feeding tube was removed since he was consuming enough calories by mouth!  Another big step!  The consistency of the food started with pureed.  He is now eating regular food.  

The pneumonologist said that when John is on his feet he is to work up to walking thirty minutes a day.  Right now he is walking a 300 ft. / 100 yds.  I have yet to time how long that takes.  

2012-04-23_11-22-46_853.jpgPhysical therapy was his next bite of the elephant.  And just like the inchworm, he needed to strengthen his legs.   John started P.T. by "riding a bicycle"   He rode forward then backward.  Afterword, he worked on leg raises.  He is a real trouper.  I am so proud of him.  

The next day, he began to walk with assistance.  It was interesting to hear the therapist remind him to walk with his legs farther apart.  There was a tendency to cross a foot over then other when walking.  Going around a corner was a struggle at first.  Things we take forgranted, he had to relearn.  At this time, he is still on 
oxygen.  Yesterday, he walked to his bathroom on his own! He is now on P.T. twice a day.   

The doctors capped his breathing opening in his trach tube.  Now he is breathing just like you and me.  The trach should be removed Monday.  The trach fell out yesterday and John was doing great.  Then the doctor insisted that it be reinserted.  Now why would anyone want to put a patient through that discomfort of reinserting the tube.  

Well, that's the report for today.  The Critical Care Physician says that he sees no reason why John cannot go home next Friday!  And here on day one, I thought he would die.  

John's release will be six weeks that was estimated by the doctors when he arrived.  Hummmm, think that all your prayers have anything to do with his speedy recovery?  Thank you!

I wonder what miracles tomorrow are going to bring?????

God bless you all


  1. I have the same computer as you. Just got to work through those newbie issues, and it will hum like a bird for you.
    Such good news about John. Boy will he love getting back home and to your home cooking. Praying that he has a great weekend and week ahead.

  2. Did you know you can ask to speak to someone in the United States? I do it every time I can't understand the dialect.
    ps.I would have been infuriated if I was talked down to that way.

  3. So glad that John will be home with you, soon, Nan. I know it's been a very rough road.

  4. So good to hear the great news over in that little zoo of yours.

    Happy that John is on the mend. Hope you are taking care of yourself too.

    Lots of hugs,
    Sharon and Ron

  5. I have been falling behind with blogs now that I am home again....I guess due to the lengthened honey-do list. I am so very glad to hear of Johns progress. I am certain your stress level has stabilized as well....

    Still sending prayers your way

  6. i have an HP Pavillion g7. No problems. I hope you will soon have all the bugs worked out. And a brand new Droid!!! You little techy you. I agree with you why on earth did the Dr. reinsert the trach tube when he is doing so well!
    yes God is a God of miracles. Next Friday will be a real day of celebration huh!!! :)
    Hugs to the both of you!

  7. WHEW, I was so concerned when there was no blog update for several days. So happy to hear about John's continued progress. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  8. Wow... imagine being able to go home soon!!! That is such good news!!

    You two deserve this new life opening up ahead of you, and we will enjoy reading about each step along the way.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Best wishes in all of this.
    I hope you both have many happy years to look forward to.

  10. After my dad's brain tumor removal, his memory and intelligence were as always, he's a very bright man, but he lost all the motor skills, and was like a new born baby. He had to re-learn everything! Eating, talking, writing, walking, personal skills, etc. He was 53 then, and is going to be 90 this year. Our brains are amazing, as long as we do the work needed. With John working so hard at the PT, it will help him get back to normal sooner. I'm always so amazed and proud when people go through this kind of thing, and come out the other side well and happy. It takes a lot of courage for them and their loved ones. You should both be very proud of yourselves! :)

  11. Such thanks we offer to our Father for this wonderful news. To be able to have John home will be so wonderful. A lot of work ahead for both of you, but having there at night. Priceless. That is when I missed Jim when he was in the hospital and rehab. Even with the girls to keep me company. So happy for you both.

  12. Rejoicing with you in the news of John's continued recovery. That all sounds so good - he's making great progress. So glad to hear it. Will continue to pray for complete healing.

  13. Sending more prayers that things go smoothly from here on out! Robin and the gang.

  14. Wonderful news on John's progress. We'll continue to pray for more good news and continued progress.


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