Friday, April 20, 2012


Yesterday, I awoke early and was at the hospital by eight fifteen.  The physical therapist was there already giving John a good work out!  He had to hand pedal forward and backward for ten minutes each way.  The backward motion strengthens his back.  With the strength in his back, he will be able to push himself from a chair and get out of bed.  Both activities I would like to see soon and often.  

Don't you just LOVE his hair!  That is called no hair cut  in seven weeks.  His hair was matted in back and was impossible to comb out.  His entire do was just impossible.  He truly had bed head and I gave this boy a hair cut! 

After his hair cut, he remained in his chair and we played a Rummy game called Rummikube.  I have noticed that he has problems with small/fine muscle control in his hands and fingers.  Picking up the tiles, placing them in the tray's slots was hard work for him.  Playing the game also made him reason and plan moves.  

How do you think the elephant likes no hair on his tail?  

We played the game until the pulmonologist came to check on John's progress.  He had encouraging words for John.  The doctor wanted John to go to CPAP  (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for the entire day.  If John passed this trial, he would then move forward to the trachea collar today.  As conservative as the doctor is and today being Friday, I have a feeling that he will change his mind and keep John on CPAP through the weekend.  

After the pulmonologist left, John continued sitting in chair until eleven thirty.  He then napped until one o'clock when the speech therapist came for her "quality time" with him.  The therapist gave him four swallowing exercises to do.  Here is one for you to try:  gently bite your tongue.  Holding you tongue between your teeth, swallow.  Not easy, is it....a little giggle here.  

Then came swallowing tests.  Liquids, pureed food and pudding tests were passed with flying colors.  The thick liquid, he failed, but not so miserably as he failed just a few days ago.  The pass or fail is determined by suctioning him after each test.  If anything returns in the suctioning, failure.  

John is to continue his swallowing exercises in order to pass all tests.  When he passes, he will begin eating people food and the tube will be removed from his nose.  

Later in the afternoon, John had surprise visitors.  I had met grand daughter Meg and great grand Harper at the front door of the hospital and walked in with them.  They had visited their capaw previously.  Meg asked me how was her capaw.  I told her that she should judge for herself.  Meg was so happy she cried!  All Harper wanted to do was pull that thing out of her Capaw's nose.  

By the time they left it was getting later in the day and John began to get squirrely.  He was trying to get out of bed etc.  After fussing at him a few times, I got the nurse to put the sides of the bed up and left.  The last thing I want to do is to fuss at him.  And it has been a long day at the hospital.  

Now, I am rested and ready to head back to the hospital.  Oliver and Olivia just informed me that they are out of food, so I must go purchase some from our local Speck's Pet Supply store, bring it home and feed the fur kids then head to the hospital.

A giant thank you for your prayers.  I feel God's presence in the hands of each specialist that works with John.  With God's presence they get so much more out of John than I could ever imagine.  They also are pleased.  

John has two goals to reach.  One is to be able to go to grandson's birthday party on May 5th.  Now that is a stretch!  That is only two weeks!  It would be considered a miracle!  But God can make it happen if that is in His plan.  If not, Harper's first birthday party is May 22nd. or right around there. That is his forecasted release date - so says insurance company. 

To say thank you all for your prayers in our behalf seems so little.  I wish I could just give each of you a hug and a big smile.  But, right now, it is impossible.  So I will do something better.  I will pray for each and every one of you.  I know some of your needs.  Other's I have no idea, but God does, so I'll let Him handle how he works in your lives. (isn't that big of me.....hehe)

Again, God bless...


  1. Great progress, John! Nan, I'm so happy for you--it must be such a relief after seeing what you were going through just a few days ago. I hope John is out of the hospital way before the insurance company "so says". Tell John there are a many of us pulling for him and looking forward to his full recovery.

  2. You amaze me! How, with all the turmoil and challenges facing you every day, you still have the ability to compose such an eloquent writing.

    Thank You so much for keeping us posted.

    You and John are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

    Sharon & Ron

  3. John looks great considering what he has endured...the haircut did wonders!! We had fun trying the swallowing test -- you're right, it's not that easy. I have faith John is going to meet every goal and out of there before long. I am amazed at his progress...God is good -- ALL THE TIME! Continuing to pray for you both, God bless!

  4. Glad to see John is doing so well, but that doesn't mean that he's off our prayer list. Just make certain to take care of yourself.

    We posted your Redneck Joke last night and made special note of where it came from. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I'm glad to see such improvements! Tell John to hang in there and keep plugging.

  6. Nan I am so pleased to hear the progress. I thought of you and John as we passed around Indianapolis. I know you had mentioned getting together however I felt like you have had enough on your plate. Hopefully we can take a rain check for a meeting at a less stressful time. God Bless you

  7. He really does look good!

    Will he come home when he is released, or move to another kind of facility? You mentioned insurance. How old is John? I he on a Medicare Supplemental or an Advantage plan?

    Hope he makes BOTH birthdays!

  8. So very happy to see such progress. Yup, the haircut looks good. Isn't it funny how insurance companies can forecast when a patient should be released? Glad John is getting good care and the rehab he needs to get stronger. God Bless.

  9. This is such a good report. We'll keep the prayers headed your way.

  10. Nan, he looks FANTASTIC!! Just the fact he's sitting in the chair is wonderful. And playing a game with you even with limited motor skills - what a big step forward. But I think he looks much better with the hair cut than the matted do. It's so great to have a reason to rejoice. And we'll let the Lord decide if he's going to be ready for the birthday parties. But we just may ask for that in our prayers tonight.

  11. So good to see the progress John is making, even with the bed head. Prayer is a powerful thing and we'll keep it up.


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