Saturday, April 7, 2012


We had another showing this morning, so I slept in a little - till about eight o'clock, made a delish cuppa hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate is one of my comfort "foods."  After the hot chocolate, I dusted the hardwood floors, swept the carpeting, and "watered" the fur kids.

By the time I had finished all that, it was time for me to skedaddle.  Dan Nichols, our realtor, drove in.  We chatted, then I was off to the hospital.

After yesterdays emotional bump, I come into John's room and find him looking much better.  They have him elevated a bit more and his eyes were just at half mast rather than closed.  He responded to me when I came into the room.

Since I have been here, they now have him on a trachea collar trial.  When wearing the trachea collar, he is totally breathing on his own.  They provide moisturised oxygen to help him.  HE IS NO LONGER ON THE VENT! But,  they will put him back on the vent just to give him some rest.  geeezzzzzzz  as I write this they are in here to give him his rest time.  

Since he has been on the collar, he has been coughing as a reaction to the different feeling in his throat.  The respiratory therapist has taught me how to suction the secretions and I actually feel like I am helping. 

Back on the house topic,  Dan / realtor called and asked how soon following closing would I be willing to give possession of house to the buyer.  oh, oh....this may be getting serious!  I may be living in our Winnebago sooner than I thought!  And I think I am going to get a power of attorney.  

Enough for today....or at least that's all for now.

God Bless you and may this Easter / Resurrection Sunday bring you hope, joy and peace.  And I will add thankfulness.  Thankful for Christ's birth, death, Resurrection and eternal life.   


  1. So happy to hear John responded to you today -- prayerfully you will see improvement every day. And it sounds like there may be a good nibble on the house. Continuing to pray for John -- and you...God bless!

  2. Oh, what a pleasure to hear that John is doing better, today. You have a lot on your plate between selling a house and having John in the hospital. Be sure to take care of yourself so that you'll be ready to take John home. Happy Easter, Nan.

  3. A very confusing and stressful time I'm sure. As long as you are sure you know his wishes, I think a power of attorney would be a good idea. John may be in rehab for awhile after this crisis has past, and you may have to sign for him.

    I truely hope thecorner has been turned!

  4. Get a power of attorney---I've been through this and it's better to get it now whether you need it not than to try to hurry and get it later. I'm so glad to hear he's doing well.

  5. Oh what wonderful news about John and the house. Prayers are being answered as I write this! A very Blessed Easter to you and John! ~wheresweaver

  6. Ok I'm smiling. But we're not goiing to quit praying yet.

  7. Awesome news - on both counts!

    You are so busy and so in control of all that is going on around you - please be sure to look after yourself too so you can keep on keepin on!

    Sharon and Ron

  8. So glad to hear John is moving in a positive direction. Rest assured we will continue to lift you and John in prayer. I think a POA is a very wise idea. God Bless and enjoy your Easter Sunday.

  9. That all sounds positive. I'm so happy John is making progress! Keeping you both in my prayers. :)


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