Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Most of yesterday was spent working with Cruz and getting the house ready for a showing so I arrived at the hospital around six p.m.  When I arrived, they told me that John was having a bad day.  He had tons of secretions and needed to be suctioned constantly.  

When I walked into his room and looked at the monitors his heart rate was one hundred twenty and his respirations were forty three breaths per minute.  You would think he was running in the Indianapolis Five Hundred Festival Mini Marathon!  To say he was anxious would be an understatement.  His blood pressure was 178.  

The entire time I was there that is where his numbers lingered.  By the time the night shift came in, I did a bit of shaking and moving.  They gave John meds for his anxiety.  Then John insisted that I leave.  

Before I left, I turned on the TV.  Normally, we do not watch much television, but I knew the one show he really enjoys is NCIS, so I turned on that station and left him to the care of his male nurse.  I was not anxious leaving him.

Today, has been a total turn around.  When I walked into his room, he was sleeping peacefully.  I was a bit late due to a hair cut and eye exam.  Living a normal life with normal appointments are hard.  I am always wondering what is happening, but also I know that they have my cell number if anything should arise.

The news I was greeted with was a "joyful noise."  Physical Therapy was in earlier and had John standing and he sat in his chair for an hour.  P.T said they were surprised at the strength John had in his legs.  He had no trouble standing on his own and turning to sit.  

The speech therapist came in for a second session for today.  She deflated the "balloon" on John's air tube and he just started talking away!  She began asking him questions and John would answer.  Then she asked him to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to see if he could talk using long sentences.  He did it and I got goose bumps.  

John's fine motor skills have been literally "gone."  She handed him a clip board and told him to write his name.  Each time he has previously tried to write, it looked like and EKG, but today, he clearly wrote his name.  

Now he is resting.  Sleeping like a baby after an exciting, busy, successful day.  

Thank you all for your best wishes, your prayers and encouragement.  I know that today's progress is a direct result of all
your efforts.  

I know that tomorrow, I may walk in here and he might have a bad day.  But I am not counting on it.  I expect that God is going to bless us with another super day of healing as we look forward to our Journey!  

If you would like to see the results of all John's work, do a Google search on 6340 North 75 West, Whiteland, IN and take a gander.

Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

God's blessings to each of you.  


  1. The house looks wonderful! I wish ours was as far along!

  2. Thank you Lord for such wonderful news. '08 was a turning point in our lives -- Alan broke his heel bone, got an infection from a cyst on his back and was diagnosed with diabetes...all in a 4-month period. We started saying no matter what "We will praise Him in the storm" -- a song by Casting Crowns. I will find it on YouTube and send it to you. Your home is beautiful! Praying tomorrow is an even better day!! Take care & God bless!

  3. So HAPPY to hear a good report. Praying for rapid and sustained recovery. Went to the house listing - OMGoodness, that is just beautiful. You should get a quick sale. God Bless...happy happy joy joy...

  4. Your good news made me cry with joy. What a relief for you even though you know that not all days will be good ones. Of course, watching NCIS (one of my favorites) would do anybody a world of good especially us women watching Mark Harmon. lol

  5. So great to see that John had a good day, Nan. I hope each day gets better and better--that was quite a leap of improvement! The house is lovely. Very happy for you.

  6. I took a gander....just lovely! You two have done so much to make your place a showcase.
    I got goosebumps reading about John's progress today. How wonderful he must feel writing his name, talking and standing. God is working another miracle. God is Great!!!

  7. one day at a time!..sounds like today was a great day!

  8. I literally just sighed a Big Sigh of Relief. But good for you for not expecting too much just yet.

    No one told us where to start eating that elephant but I think the bites you are taking are exactly in the right places.

    God Bless You! Know that you are not alone.

    Sharon and Ron

  9. Wow, what a wonderful post! I'm so glad John seems to have turned the corner and is doing so well. Here's to continued improvement every day!!!

  10. Yea God!!!! You two are a good team. You trust.... He's at work. I love it. Keep hanging in there kiddo

  11. THAT's the progress we all wanted to hear! Thanks for the wonderful update and I hope to read a similar one soon. ;)

  12. Hooray, hooray! How wonderful to read this. Thinking of you both...and John's continued recovery!


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