Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I just cannot wait until tomorrow morning to post this on the blog!  

JOHN IS BREATHING ON HIS OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God, through the hands of the Doctors, nursing personnel and that Trach did the trick!  The respiratiory therapist came in about an hour ago and turn the ventilator off and John just kept a breathing!  

I want to go out in the hall and do the happy dance!  

They said that he will go back on the vent tonight just to give him some rest after all this exercise.  Tomorrow, they will wake him up totally and we will then see how he breathes. 

There is a step by step program that he will need to go through in order to fully be breathing on his own without the trach.  I was really jumping the gun when I thought I'd be able to hear his voice soon.  He is going to need to write love notes first.  That is fine with me as long as he is around to bug me!  

There is a Christian song that Andre Crouch wrote and a friend, Keith Brown, sang the first time I heard it.  The name of the song is To God Be The Glory.  Really it is My Tribute, but the prior seems to be the way the song is known.  

These are the lyrics and they express what is on my heart this afternoon.  As we approach the Easter celebration, this song is not appropriate for my joy today, but for the joy all Christians feel for what He has done.  I hope you enjoy the song.

to listen to this song follow this link - 


  1. Nan...We celebrate with you. I am so happy I have tears in my eyes reading this wonderful, Blessed blog. Praise to Our Dear Lord!
    I love that hymn but for some reason it isn't showing on my screen...only white lines.
    God Bless you both!

  2. I, too, am crying as I read this wonderful, so looked for, post. Our Lord is so wonderful and He does hear the prayers that we send up to Him. Be sure to let John know that he needs to fuss at you. Hugs to both of you and the prayers aren't stopping.

  3. Hallelujah! Wonderful news...and go ahead, you are entitled to your happy dance...

  4. Sweetie, I join those praising our Great God for the Things He Has Done and will continue to do!!!!! That song was sang at our wedding. Just a note, Andre and his sister Sandra came to our church in Tillamook, Oregon many years ago (in the 70"s) for a concert....we had a jam session later that evening. Oh what fun memories. We will continue to hold that honey of yours up in prayer. Try to get some rest your self too. Thank you for not waiting to give us the update til tomorrow :) Here is a big hug for you ((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))

  5. So very happy to hear the good news. Praying for his continued recovery. Love Andre Crouch - another great song of his is "Through it All". Also meaningful. God Bless.

  6. I am so glad to hear the positive news! :) Thank God!! :)

  7. Nan - We are so happy to hear this awesome news! That song is incredible. We are praying for more good news each day as John improves and starts bugging you again real soon.

    Know that you are loved and never alone.

    Sharon and Ron

  8. Great News!!! Your faith is inspiring.

  9. Nan, I don't believe I have visited your blog before, but I was reading Donna K's blog and she mentioned that you and John have been going through some troubled times. I'm happy to read that John is improving; breathing on his own. I'll have to go back through to catch up, but I did want to stop in to offer my sincerest wishes for a full recovery for John, and peace for you. I think it's as hard if not harder to watch someone you love suffer or in crisis. You will be in my thoughts.

  10. I am just now beginning to get caught up on a few blog posts. Hadn't realized John was in the Hospital so am going to have to read back a bit & see what happened. When you mentioned living near Terra Haute I think I remember you emailing us last fall just before we left for the Southwest. All the best to you & John from the Bayfield Bunch:))

  11. To God Be the Glory indeed! Great things He has done! Praying for continued healing for John and strength for the both of you. I love Christian music -- K-Love is ALWAYS on our radio. God bless!

  12. That is great news! We had not heard about John's breathing difficulties until today and had to go back and read for several days to get all caught up. I have COPD and definitely know what having trouble breathing and pneumonia )2 times) can do to you. As a matter of fact I am on the verge of being listed at Duke Medical to get a double lung transplant and cannot wait to be able to breathe normally again. Will say a prayer for John and you with hopes that he will continue to improve.

  13. Great news!! We just learned about the problems that John is having and hope that John will continue to improve and be well enough to get home so that you can begin your travels very soon!! You will be in our prayers.

    Sherry & Charley Dilworth


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