Saturday, April 14, 2012


I am sitting here at John's  bedside watching him sleep.  He may have been awake ten minutes in the four hours I have been here.  Once, when he opened his eyes, I told him I thought I'd go home and he looked so stricken.  I then asked "do you want me to stay?"  Yep, he did.  

But, I have decided as he continues to sleep, that I am going home and taking a nap.  He is fine.  He is in good hands.  It's time for me to get some much needed rest.  

Now that was a short report, wasn't it!

If you are not readers of the Where Are the Dixon's Today, I ask you all to pray for Jim.  He has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  My heart goes out to Sandy and Jim.  Please hold them up in prayer as you have fought for John and I.  

God Bless you safe out there....


  1. I hope Jim will do well thru his surgery and treatments. Life can change so quickly. I keep reminding myself that I am lucky with good health so far. I know my day of struggles will come, and I look at courage of others as examples.

  2. Sandie is always there for everyone else. My heart went out to Sandie and Jim when I read her post. Hopefully, it's early and, like my sister-in-law, he will have surgery and will be fine.

    They remain in my thoughts. Glad John is resting comfortably and very nice of you to think of someone else in the middle of your troubles.

    Heck, I'm almost afraid to read blogs, lately!

  3. We are very good friends of the Dixons and just left them Apache Junction. The entire time we were together she never said a thing until we left. She then sent an email. Our hearts were broken. Jim looks sooooo good and having a wonderful time. Our prayers go out to them for a successful surgery!
    I think you did the right thing by going home and getting some rest. John may never even remember that he asked you to stay. Prayers for you two are also on my list.

  4. We certainly are keeping our blogger friends busy with prayer aren't we? And I am so very very grateful to each and every one of them. I hope you were able to get some sleep. You won't do John any good at all if you get sick from being too run down. And even if you take a much needed break, the Lord is still on duty watching over John and all of us.

  5. I'm very sorry to hear the news about John, but with just reading your posts and meeting him that short time at the WI Sheep and Wool Festival, he seems to be quite the fighter when it comes to his health. Hopefully, he will overcome this, too.


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