Monday, July 11, 2011

Trying Tuesday

First, I want to welcome new followers, and John and Ellen to our web site.  We are so happy to have you on board.  John and Ellen, I cannot locate your blog.  If you want, would you please send me your blog address?  Thanks...

Geez, If I thought Saturday was hot, I underestimated what the weather was to do.  The ultra sultry Temperatures are here in full blast.  Walking outdoors is like opening an over and stepping inside.  At one time today, the "feels like temperature" was 117 degrees.  I wonder if we could fry an egg on our drive?  Maybe if it were asphalt instead of our concrete.

Today was a day of errands.  We took the Miata and had the top down with the air conditioning blasting away.  You know, we must (hehe) get our daily dose of vitamin D.  The top down with a.c. on scenario worked just fine.

One of our errands was to purchase food for Noah our cat.  I can't believe it, but the price is up to just under fifty dollars for a fourteen pound bag!  Did you see what I wrote????  FIFTY DOLLARS FOR FOURTEEN POUNDS!.............  OF CAT FOOD!  That comes to $3.57 a pound!  We have got to find a better way to purchase the cat food.  Noah need low ash because the poor boy gets kidney stones on regular cat food.  Bummer.  And he is a big eater....this big boy weighs twenty pounds!

We are waiting for the temperatures to come down.  The floor in the motor home is prepped and ready for installation of the New Allure Floor Covering.  I'm so eager to see it down.  I don't want to pressure John to do it since he does have the breathing issues.  I'm just ready for a blast of wind from Canada to push this air from the Gulf of Mexico back south, where it belongs.

We did extend the motor home's awning, allowing it to dry out from the rains we have had.  It was a real chore though.  The strap that we hook into became entangled in the awning.  John had to get on top of the  motor home and manually unroll a little and feel around for the strap.  After about four unsuccessful tries,  he went to the front end of the awning and pushed on the support that rests against the motorhome.  I know, the instructions say that is a no - no, but he was extremely careful and the awning unlatched and gently came away from the motorhome just enough that I could go to the other end and coax it open from there to lessen the bind.  Voila, the awning rolled opened as if we had written a script.

I found that missing strap.  I tend to believe that the last time John raised the awning to storage position, he did not have a firm hand on the strap.  It was wrinkled as if it had retracted in wads.  From now on, we will do the awning together, work slowly and holding on to that strap with all our might.  I might even put an extension on it just for extra insurance.

One of the blogs that I read had something very interesting.  It is a web site that calculated miles per gallon for you.  Now, I know, I could do this myself, but why bother now that I have found this site.  We are going to go back to the beginning of our time with the motorhome and calculate all the mileage.

I did read that fifty-five miles per hour is the best speed for the greatest gas mileage.  Is that what you have found?  Last winter, it was my understanding that the ultimate speed was sixty to sixty five miles per hour.  We will try anything to increase our MPG!  Here is the link for the website

Speaking of gas, what happened to the gas prices.....again.  For about three days, the prices fell rapidly.  I filled the Miata for $3.17 / gal....then ran home and had John go fill the motorhome!  As he was filling it, the gas rose thirty cents a gallon.  Whew, he just made it under the wire!  That is a hefty savings for a seventy five gallon tank.

Wow, it is seven o'clock and the temperature is down to a whoppin ninety three degrees.  I'm off, to do what, not sure right now... till next time ` ~ God Bless!

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