Friday, July 22, 2011


Here we are at the Kickapoo State Park and Recreation Area.  It is time to go to bed and all is quiet.  All we can hear is  the night sounds.  The night creatures communicating with one another creating their own kind of music.  I love it.  So peaceful.  he last time I heard these sounds was over thirty years ago when we would go tent camping with our family. 

This was written last night.  Then I received a telephone call.  Someone hacked into my email and sent a message to everyone in my address book asking for money to be sent to me in Spain.  

I am in Danville, Illinois, not Spain.  I do not need $2500 for an emergency.  And to top it off, they changed my password and my mother's place of birth and I cannot access my email to send an apology to all.  Frustrating.  My hands are tied.  

I am trying to communicate with MSN to get this straightened out.  Not much luck so far.  Frustrating.

I am in Danville, Illinois at the circular sock machine  conference trying to learn new patterns and methods and it is hard to keep my mind on my classes.  

I am going to take a lace knitting class tomorrow and am really looking forward to it.  I am finding that there are so many more things that one can do with their circular sock machines.  

There are attendees here from Maryland to California, from Georgia to Canada.  What a great group with so many ideas and so many tools for the sock (an more) knitter.

I have not been able to enjoy the campgrounds as much as I would like, but John, Oliver and Noah must be having a ball.  They are sleeping as I write this!

Speaking of sleep............ I think I will copy them as classes and meetings start at the late hour of seven thirty!  This turns into twelve to fourteen hours days of learning and cranking!  I guess you might say that I'm cranky?????

Good night to all... God Bless! 

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