Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Darndest Dreams, Stubborn Silkworms, Growing Grass and Rude Renters

How many of you have dreams?  Do you dream every night?  Do you remember your dreams?  Can you get the dreams out of your mind? 

Not a night goes by that I do not dream.  Some are silly, but most are with me in some position of danger or overcoming an obstacle.  Some leave me with a feeling that I cannot shake during the day.  All are in color and often I awake in the middle of a sentence...actually talking.  Eeeeeegads....what's up? 

Last night's dream had me in a situation where I was "fixing" things....things as in a situation.  All I remember is that I needed to "fix"  something.  I remember that we were driving on a curvy road and came upon a deer that had been hit.  It was long enough that the deer wad in rigor and lying in the middle of the road with all four feet up in the air.  A motorhome full of travelers had hit it and was pulled to the side of the road.  No one was hurt or terribly upset.  They were just delayed by the incident and were fixing a meal....go figure! 

It's like this every night.  A problem, often coupled with a solution that I must work out..  I think we need to go on a trip, don't you?  If only the new floor was down.  Soon.....maybe soon, if the heat and humidity lets up. 

We are now down to the last silkworm!  One of the holdouts finally began spinning the cocoon today! 

We mowed and trimmed again this evening.  The orchard and the pond areas are now done.  The mosquitoes really tried to eat me alive, but I prevailed! 

The renter of the condo that we own skipped out on us. He left us with bags of  stuff.  I don't even want to touch the bags.  I have no idea what is in them, but we would like a "good fairy" to come take everything out of the condo.

I am sure that the hasty exit is due to my showing up and asking when he was going to pay the rent. He gave me a story about cashing in his 401K and would be sending the money right away.....NOT..... The next thing we know is that there is a message on our answering machine from a "friend" of his saying that he has moved out and has gone to Canada. 

Now we checked this person out.  We had a credit report run etc.  But we got a dud. 

What we would like is to have a good renter that would stay in the condo for years and years.  Any suggestions?  We are open to hear all.....

Despite that...all is good.  God is in control.  Have a great Wednesday....God Bless....


  1. I've never been a landlord. It has always been more than we can do to keep up the house we live in!

    My mother had a duplex and depended on the rent from the upstairs to support her in her older years. She had some real problem renters.

    The best years were when she had relatives as renters. they always paid on time and helped take care of her.

  2. Oh bugger on the bad renter... I used to own rentals and would drive by any applicant's present address and see how they lived. If junk on the porch, garbage piled high by the back door and window curtains askew, then NOPE.. forget them....

    Nowadays many states allow circuit court records free on line (Wisconsin has it) and you can see the kind of troubles they have been in, from traffic tickets to owing credit cards and doctors to even disorderly conducts and drunk driving... I know someone who uses those even in hiring people for their company....

    Karen and Steve
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