Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Thrums

Just a week ago most people were preparing for Canada Day or Independence Day celebrations.  This week we get the left overs and to catch up on what was postponed from last week.

In my stroll about the place yesterday, I found this curious fungus.  It almost looks like a fritter from the bakery!

 Can you tell I'm writing this while being hungry? sigh

As I inched my way back to the house, I stopped at the ponds and found these Lizard's Tails blooming.  They are such a graceful looking flower. They look like they are dancing.... Now so far, I've only seen white, right? 

I continue to meander toward the house.  I'm dreading cleaning the studio, so I'm taking my good ole sweet time.  Can ya tell? The next thing that catches my eye is this...

 I love this color combination.  I'd love to felt a wrap with all these colors.  Hummm, do I hear the dye pot calling?  Yep, I hear it!   Stay tuned for what 's to come.

Then, just around the corner I come to see these.

Such a contrast in daintiness, don't you think?

Now where would I love to be?  Shall we say just out of Santa Barbara? 

But where am I going?   .......... Back to the studio!  I will also enjoy my time there trying out a new felting idea that I have and dyeing. 

You all have a super day!  God Bless! 

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