Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Do you remember that movie?  I felt like I was in that movie today.

When I am working on a felting project and am unable to finish the lay out in one day, I make sure it is covered.  Our cat, Noah, loves fiber and loves to sleep in it.  He roots around and makes himself a nice comfy bed.  

Today, I went to the studio all set to work on the large rug project and what did I find as I uncovered it?  That darned cat had gone out during the night, slid under the protective cover and made himself a custom bed. 

I was flabbergasted, frustrated, angry (see that word Al?) I could have spit cotton or cried..whichever would come first.   Instead, I yelled at John......"come look at this!  See what YOUR cat has done????"  (it's really our cat, and I knew it.....just wanted John to feel bad).  

That darned cat!

I set out to fix it.  I wanted to shut the door to the studio and never return....I wanted to trash the entire project, but I didn't.  I took a deep breath, pulled off the messed-up parts, sat down and collected my thoughts and tried to start anew.  I had about three attempts before I could find the flow again.  It was so hard to get the "feel" of what I have done and to continue, but I tried.  I was determined that this was not going to defeat me.  

And it was hot.  So Hot!  It was eighty some degrees - even with the air conditioning being blown in from the house by a fan.  Not fun,  not creative...yuck.  

Finally, I fixed one mountain (hill) that Noah wrecked leaving the other to work on tomorrow.  I removed all the tree trunks that he had relocated, collected the stream and collection pool that he had sunk, and picked at the sky that he had scattered.  

The sky is fixed, tree trunks are in the trash, the stream has been semi-repaired  The rest of the "fix" will have to come tomorrow or after we return from C O W S.  I think I'm going to need that break.

Tonight, the door between the studio and the house is closed.  It will be hotter in the studio tomorrow because of the closed door, but the project will be in one piece.  

The heat here, as all over the mid-west is terrible.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter.  This makes me want to get out on the road and into the campgrounds.  It is not going to be cooler there, but it will give the false feeling of coolness being in the woods.  

My prayers are with those that have no air conditioning, the elderly, the infirm, the homeless...what stress this heat places on the body. 

An update on the silkworms.....half of them are free of their cocoons.  They are mating and hopefully we will have silkworm eggs soon.  

For tonight, I just ask that God Blesses each one of you, wherever you are.  


  1. Cats do seem to love fibers. I had to "train" my cats not to mess with my yarn or sit on my lap when I was crocheting. Now I miss them.

  2. Thanks, Nan, for the comment at my blog. I came over to check yours, and I know you are good people already. How do I know? You are Shih Tzu people! I've had Shih Tzu for about 20 years, the current pack being rescues, mostly mixes (2 maybe full ST, 1 Shih-Poo, one maybe Llasa Apso mix, and 1 Terr-Tzu), and loves of my life!


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