Sunday, July 24, 2011


What a weekend!  First the hacker, then finding problems with my circular machine.  The circular sock machine is on it's way to Minnesota to have an expert repair it.  Actually, it is not the machine, but the ribber attachment.  When it gets back, it is going to  be better than new. 

Lesson learned:  do not buy a circular sock machine from someone that you do not know and trust.  I did not know the seller, but I trusted him as he was a vendor at shows where I participate.  There are many good vendors of sock machines.  If you are ever wanting to purchase one, contact me or Karen In the Woods for some names. 

As we were leaving Kickapoo State Recreation Area near Danville, Illinois two youngish deer came to the dump station to tell us good by.   This little guy is sprouting fuzzy antlers.  His little girl friend is hiding behind the tree on the right. 

They had been much closer to us, like right next to the motor home, but when I went to snap the photo, I got the "no card" message on the view finder.  I had to come to the computer, remove the card and insert it into the camera.  By that time, they had moseyed on to the back by the trees.  Geesh, when will I learn? 

In this photo, you can see the wee little antlers. 

These guys were so quiet and peaceful.  Quite comfortable being right next to the motor home.  Of course, we sat very quietly while watching them. 

These guys were the best thing about the campground.  It is not on my list of favorites.  Just camping sites market out under trees, nothing special.  Now, If we had been boondocking there with no neighbors, it might have been better.

I have really been a fan of boon docking, as I have said before.  Boondocking or as my daughter from California says, "dry docking:"  I did read someplace that both words have their place.  I read that boondocking is out in the "boonies", in the middle of nowhere.  Dry docking, the article said is like making an overnight stop at Wal Mart where there are no hook ups for water and electricity.  Ahhh, the mystery is solved.

I'd love to be in California next week end.  Jojo, my daughter is going to Gilroy, California for the Garlic Festival  I love food with garlic.  I love roasted garlic on crackers!  I love garlic bread!  I love pasta with garlic and basil!  OK Nan, you can stop now.  

We are about twenty minutes from home, but ten minutes from our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Now can you guess where we are going?  It is after five o'clock and I have not had anything to eat since breakfast.  The wait is worth it. 

All in all, this has been a good weekend.  I trust that you have had a good one too.

God Bless! 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Take heart, I don't even like using my ribber. I just use the machine without one and do hem topped socks!

    As for the *no card* message... been there done that! So now I keep TWO SD cards.. and each time I take the one out of the camera to put in the computer, I take the opposite previously emptied card from in the computer and put it right back in the camera. I vow to never be without a card again... and miss those wonderful shots!

    Hope you get your machine back soon and it's a cranking along merrily!

    Karen and Steve
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