Friday, July 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

What a day!  We had one of the best days that I can remember.  We were supposed to continue our work from yesterday.  Me in the studio and John in the flower beds, pulling weeds, etc. 

Sorry, I could not face one more day being at home.  Heat and humidity or not heat an humidity, I / we just had to get out and spread our wings.  I do not handle heat and humidity well since I had heat stroke about seven years ago.  John, with his emphysema does not handle the heat and humidity well either.  But today, we both agreed over morning coffee / tea for me that we needed to get out of here for a while. 

So off we went!  Yeah!!!!!!  Our first stop was Trader Joe's for our favorite supplies.....  Their vanilla bean yogurt, stevia, two buck Chuck, coffee, almond butter, delicious breads etc.....  Oh what fun!

But first, we stopped at a restaurant that  was Thai!  Now, the first time I was there,  a gentleman that was about 65 or 70 helped me select my lunch.  The last three thimes we have been there, I have had to choose my own from the menu.  Ohhhhh what a mistake!  HOT, HOT, HOT.....Now today's was not as hot as the last two times, but still, not as pleasant as I wished. 

Now, I do like spicy, hot foods, but come on! 

From there, we went to Whole foods to get some of the specialties that we like from there.  Why can't they be closer together, or carry the same things so we don't have to make two stops????  Who knows....I don't.

But then, ohhhh, the next stop was the best stop of the day.  We stopped by our youngest daughter's and we were able to see grandchildren, Lucy age 5 going on 15 and Ross 3 going on 4.  Oh, my goodness, the look in Ross' eyes when he saw us.  It could melt your heart.  It sure did mine.  That red hair and those blue eyes....what is a Nana to say?    He melts my heart every time I see him. 

Then there is Lucy.  Lucy has such a tender spirit. Her enthusiasm, her sweet gentle spirit.  She reminds me of the loving spirit of Christ.  Again, my heart melts into a puddle. 

After  leaving the grandkids, we head for home.  It has been a great day.  We are a bit sunburned from riding with the top down, but we are totally refreshed and ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

An end to a perfect day.... God Bless

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