Thursday, August 11, 2011


Wow, was it six months ago!  Hard to believe that we were touring the mountains above Anza Borrego Springs.  Actually they call it Borrego Springs or "the Springs. The roads in the valley looked like  snakes on sand paper."  Some of the passages on the highway are so close to the side of the mountain, I could have, if I wanted to, reach out and touched them from my seat in the motor home. 

After our white knuckle tour, we were off to Carmelita's Mexican Grill & Cantina.  Oooooo my, what good food!  I was on a taco tour and rated this place at number TWO!  

Last night I was craving southwest tacos.  It was also our Mexican restaurant night. Now, wasn't that convenient!  I have never ordered taco's there and my rating for their tacos is not so hot.  But, it is the first meal there that was not top notch, so they are forgiven.  

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by our usual greeting committee of five or six.  They always have worn nice golf shirts, but last night, well baby, they were puttn on da dog!  

Everyone had on black dress pants, not jeans mind you, but dress pants with a new black belt.  And on top they wore burgandy dress shirts and black ties.  These ties even had silver tie bars!  Whoo hoo, they were stylin and proud of it.  

You know, if everyone in the U.S. had their work ethic, there would be no quality control issues....not one.  My hat is off to them and the owner.  He stopped by our table and was so excited.  His daughter starts first grade this Tuesday!  He is a mighty proud papa.

Speaking of hot food,  I just put a batch of wings in the oven with hot chili seasoning from Penzeys.  Then I sprinkled a bit of garlic and salt.  What is it that Emeril  says B A M!

How did I get from Borrego Spring to Greenwood, IN's finest Mexican restaurant.  I guess it's almost dinner time.  So for now,  safe travels for you on the road and for those of us who are home for the safe out there and by all means....God Bless!

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