Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It has been a few days since I have posted.  Each day as I experience different happenings, I think "now this needs to go into my blog".  Each day, the day gets away from me and I'm out of steam, therefore I don't post.  Another reason is we haven't really done too much.

Thursday, John installed our new dishwasher.  That took him all day.  While he was doing that I made a trip to my potter's studio to choose new colors for my knit bowls that I sell at art shows and fiber festivals.  The double bowls are really a hit!  It is one of those times that I took a chance and it paid off.  And would you believe it, but red is the most popular color.

On the way to the potters, John needed me to go to the hardware store to purchase a fitting for the installation and then run it back to the house.   This was supposed to save him a lit of time!  OK,  I'll be happy to do that.  And I did. 

After visiting the potter, I drove back south to visit my Megan, my granddaughter and Harper, my great grand!  What fun!  Harper is growing like a weed and is developing a great personality.

After those two errands I headed home.  Upon arriving home, I find John Still on the floor working on the installation.  It turns out that he needed another fitting and had to go get it since I was out gallivanting around.  Guess what?  He bought the wrong fitting and had to make a return trip.  Those trips take time......and patience. 

After the dishwasher ordeal, I decided John needed a treat.  I surprised him with a trip to Nashville, Indiana, the home of Brown County State Park.  In the Autumn, the park is the destination for those that love fall colors.  It has been said that the park is a "little Asheville, North Carolina".
Beautiful Fall Colors!
This photo is taken from their website.  It is not a good photo, but hopefully, you can get the idea.

We decided to go back roads rather than taking the highway.  As we drove the roads and would come to a stop sign, there would be a flip of a coin to see if we should turn right or left.  What fun.  Some of the times we also went straight too.  

The camping at the State Park is great with full hook up sites, in a wooded campground where the deer will join you for your morning coffee or tea.
The raccoons will also join you if you leave a bit of food outside on your picnic table.

We prefer to go down to camp during the week in order to miss the crowds of the weekends.   Early in our camping days, I drove down to reserve a camping sight and as I entered the camp grounds a deer flew right over the hood of my car.  Now that was a wake up call for sure!

Oops, got sidetracked there.  We arrived in Nashville just in time for lunch at the Artist's Colony Inn and Restaurant.  We enjoyed the air conditioning and the quiet dining.  We both had tenderloin and broccoli slaw.  The tenderloin was good, the slaw was bitter.  The sweet potato
fries were great!  

It was good to just sit and talk.  We planned the rest of our day.  Sadly, due to the heat and humidity and John's breathing problems, we passed on visiting some of the shops.  Regardless, John was really enjoying his day out so far. 

We decided that our next stop would be at the studio of a friend.  John had never been to Chris Gustin's weaving studio and was looking forward to visiting. 

Chris has one of the nicest studio's that I have visited. Not that I've visited many, but still I am sure hers would be the nicest if I had visited dozens.  She has a large front porch extending across the front of her studio.  Different weaving looms sit side by side across the porch.  Each loom has a project on it.  Each morning after Chris' swim, she goes to the porch and weaves until the heat chases her inside the studio to do more work. 

Imagine, sitting on the porch, weaving, or doing whatever you enjoy doing most, and watching nature in action.  I am thankful for my studio, but oh to have her view! 

After John found some yarns for scarves, we slowing headed home.  We used some back roads and dutifully watching our gas gauge, since it was approaching the big E, we took some highways.  As luck would have it, we found gas at forty cents a gallon less than at our home gas stations. 

As soon as we  finished filling the car and were back on the road, it started to sprinkle.  Then it started to rain and we had the top down on our Miata!  Now, as long as the car is in motion, we don't get wet.  We kept moving and the rain fell harder and we kept driving with the wipers going rickety split and the two nut cases in the car were laughing so hard it was hard to drive. 

As the wiper swiped back and forth across the rain drenched wind shield, I suddenly noticed that they were not doing their job!  What the heck????  I leaned forward and peered at the windshield.  It looked as if the wipers were just floating above the windshield and got wiping off the rain. 

Saturday morning came and we were not ready to get back to work, so we took off for flea markets.  John was looking for rare coins and I'm on the lookout for anything fiber related, especially circular sock machines. John one, Nan zip. 

Now, I am back to work on the felted rug project.  I'm about to call it a project from hell.  Why, why did I ever decided to make this so huge?????  The lay out is complete and the water applied and felting has begun. 

With my sweat band around my head to catch "glow",  I attack the rug to be with new energy.  But someone pulled the plug.  John came in to help with the first process of watering and pushing the air out of the fibers.  It wore him out!  You know that energy I spoke of?  Well someone pulled the plug! 

It is now in the pre felt stage with a huge amount of work to be done.  I am in for lunch and a bit of rest before I go out to tackle my project again.  Today, I will be up on the felting table dancing on the felt.  Stomping my rug just as the nomads and felters did in ancient times.  I did a bit of this yesterday and when John came into the studio, he had another laugh. 

Can't day I don't keep everyone laughing, anyway. 

Well that's enough of catching up for today.  Tomorrow, if I remember, we will talk about our trip to the orchard.  Stay tuned..............

God bless and protect you all.

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  1. you should get John to take a picture of the stomping!


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