Friday, August 12, 2011


Today is our anniversary and we decided to spend it on another day trip.  Again, we hit the back roads, driving through the countryside full of corn, soybean and hay fieldsNo traffic to deal with on these roads.

The lack of rain has hurt the corn crops, and the hay.  The farmers have had only one cutting thus far and they should be in the midst of their third.  The soybeans appear, from the car, to be doing ok.  

Our first stop was the little town of Edinburgh, Indiana located south east of us.  This is such a cute little town with great architecture in the houses and city street.  They are trying so hard to revitalize the town to draw visitors.  What a struggle it is for them.  They have painted the buildings in the colors of the eighteen and early nineteen hundreds.  

Their main "drag" is lovely with brick sidewalks, old buildings and huge baskets of flowers hanging on the period street lights.  

Edinburgh is a town of wood veneer companies, and is agricultural.  It is also the closest town to Camp Atterbury from where all Army troops are deployed.  

Warrant Officer candidates
Warrant officer candidates walk the last leg of a 6.2 mile road march during Phase Three of the Warrant Officer Candidate School at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Ind., July 28. The candidates finished the march in less than two hours. (Photo by Jill Swank, Camp Atterbury Public Affairs)
We appreciate all the troops and what they do to make us safe.  Whether or not we agree with the wars we are in, we do support our troops.  They deserve our prayers and encouragement.

Almost every restaurant was closed between two and four o'clock.  Of course we drove in just after two!  But one place was open.  Guess what kind of restaurant it was?  ha... I'll give you one guess.  If you have been reading this blog very long, you will know that we have a love of Mexican food.  As luck would have it, El Jefe was open and to top it off, their food was very good.  

Now, we had really planned to tour south east Indiana, but due to 1. coyotes howling very close to our bedroom window last night and a migraine I have been fighting for the last four days, we got a very late start.  

This trip will be continued tomorrow morning - early.  We will head down toward Louisville, then turn east in the direction of Cinnccinati, stopping in all the little towns to visit antique shops.  

When we hit Madison, Indiana, on the Ohio River, we will take time to visit some of the historical sites.  Actually, Madison is a town and area that one could spend an entire day visiting.  We will see.  We are on no time schedule, we travel as we please.  

Oliver will be traveling with us tomorrow.  We are taking a picnic lunch and will not need to leave him in the car.  Last year, he did not enjoy the Miata with the top down.  This year, he loves it.  He sits on the console in the center and watches the road as we meander down the road.  

Our plan is to visit many towns ending in Batesville, Indiana.  Then we will head west toward home.  Tomorrow's report will let you know actally how far we make it.  

For now, be safe out there and God Bless! 

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