Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Now this is my kind of weather.  As long as the humidity is low and the day temperatures stay below eighty-five and night temps drop into the fiftys or low sixtys, I'm a happy camper.  That is just where our temperatures have been for a short while.  

There is just one problem with our nights.  Oliver, our huge eight pound "guard dog"  is finding something to bark at.  As soon as darkness falls, the wild life enters out back and he is on high alert.  Every five minutes he wants to go on safari.  Since coyotes are thick around here and regardless of our fencing at the house, they would love to leap over and have a yummy peaches and cream meal.  

Here is our protector supervising one of my students in a felting class that I was teaching.  This boy must be in the center of the action.  

When I am working and if the project is the correct size, this protector is poised on the felting table in order to supervise my work.  He is my best critic, he adores everything I do!  

Summer is winding down,  Art shows and fiber festivals are quickly approaching.  Motor home work is being completed and porjects in the house are slowly coming along.

I have not blogged for a while and had not planned to add anything until we were on the road, but yesterday I was reading Al's blog  and he shared how his readership decreased tremendously when he did not continue to blog through the summer.  Sooooo, since my blog is new and my readership is small, if mine decreased, heck!, I'd not have any readers and that would be a lonely experience.  

I have a neat story to share with you, but not today.  I found a newspaper article that was written about my great aunt and her travels.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I will share, if I'm not in another lazy dazey mood.  

For now, take care, safe travels and God Bless!  

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  1. I read your blog when ever you post. If you take some time off, I won't abandon you.


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