Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Late summer.  The birds are not around as much.  Father Mockingbird no longer sings his chorus.  The chatter of the Wrens and the  Sparrows is gone.  The Cardinals and Bluejays are not around much.  Even the Robins no longer talk to their young.  All is quiet..... and brown from the lack of rain.

If Snowbirds are northerners that go south in the winter,  what are those that go from the south to the north in the summer?  Just wondering.  

Ah, there is a song.  A Cicada is singing or would you call that squalking?  

I'm feeling a bit down today.  There is a chance that we may not be able to make the trip to the southwest this winter.  We are trying to ready the house to put it up for sale and there is still much to do.  I am concerned that there is too much for the limited time we have left.

The art shows and fiber festivals on our schedule are fast approaching.  We have had a few weeks to be home and do things around the house.  I also have been felting to build the inventory. Time, need more time.  

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is only a month from now.  I will be teaching as well as vending.  We are looking forward to seeing friends that we only see there.  The next weekend we need to be in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the Wool Gathering. Then it just goes on from there.

Sooo, you know what, maybe the quiet is good!  Once we are on the road, things will not be so quiet!  

Update on the silkworms.  All but five cocoons have "hatched".  I have enough eggs for next year and beyond since a female will lay between one and four hundred eggs.  

Update on the rug.  It is, as I write, on the rolling machine.  I have been rolling it for just less than a week.  The timer is for only thirty minutes at a time and I will forget to keep my mind on it and have large lapses of time between rolling sessions.  Tonight, it will be completed. I have also finished another hat.  Now or the embellishments on the hats.  

I am looking forward to having my circular sock machine home.  I want to have socks knitted for the shows.  

Do you think I have enough to do?  I think so,......till next time....

God Bless


  1. You sure sound busy, but some of it is fun stuff. Are you going to show photos of the rug and hats? I'd love to see them. :)

  2. I've notice the birds being quiet here as well. Duh .. I never thought about it being because of the end of mating and babies.


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