Wednesday, August 10, 2011


  What a glorious day!  It has cooled, there is a gentle breeze, and at five o'clock, I even heard birds!  What else could a person ask for.  And you know what?  Money did not, could not, will never buy any of those pleasures.  

We had rain late yesterday afternoon.  Of course with the rain, came thunder.  With the thunder came Oliver right on my lap.  That huge thunder boomer that was located right outside our motorhome door while we were in Iowa has totally put him on edge.  He hears the thunder long before we do and is stuck to us like wallpaper is stuck on a wall.  Poor thing.  

The rug is done.  We hung it outside so I could use the hose to spray  it with the hose to remove all traces of soap.  Now, it is drying.  I am pleased that I can place a check mark next to the rug  on my to-do list.
Photos will come as soon as I can locate my camera!  (Here we go again)  That camera and I have a hide and seek relationship.  

The rest of the day is going to be spent doing laundry and laying out slippers for the class I am teaching at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival September 9, 10 and 11.  I am not teaching for three days, but the WSWF is three days!  I'm so hoping that Karen in the Woods will be there.  I'd love to meet her and Steve. 
Hey Karen, there are camping spots right on the fairgrounds.  If any other readers come, please stop by, introduce yourselves, and camp!  

A friend sent me a link to a You Tube video that is totally awesome!  I am enclosing it here because I feel it is worth twenty minutes of your time.

Tonight is my Fiber Arts Guild meeting.  I'm pleased that I am in town and can attend.  The guild, at first, met in my studio, but has grown and we now meet at a local yarn shop.  It is really nice of Jill to share her space with us for an evening each month.

Not only is it guild night, but it's our Mexican date night.  Already, I'm going over the menu in my head - just trying to decide what new dish I want to try tonight.  They are soon going to need to expand their menu though.  This has been our Wednesday night routine for about three years.  

When we were in the Southwest last winter, I called them and gave them my usual greeting of Ondelay, ondelay!   I don't speak much Spanish, but I'm sure you get the idea. They all laughed and gave us a huge welcome when we returned home in the spring.  When we came back into town, we went there before coming to the house.  Now that is our routine each time we come home. 

It's time to put my nose into the fiber and create....Let the juices flow!  

Till next time,   God Bless

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  1. The video was awesome! I'm saving th URL and will watch it again, and perhaps again after that. It is a great message. One I need right now.

    I often doubt my art work. Today I finished up the last of my outstanding orders, and I hope I will have a little free time to "reach" for a better me.


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