Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Days @ Home and Back on the Road!

We have spent the last two days preparing for the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival and are now back on the road.  We are only forty minutes from home and I feel the tension draining from me.  Before we left for our long journey out west, we had two choices; to pack for the festival and take everything with us or to come home and repack.  Well, we made a mistake.  We should have just gone from California to Tennessee.  We are using more gas and the last two days have been hard on both of us, unpacking, cleaning and repacking the motor home.  Lesson learned. 

Oliver and Noah did enjoy the freedom of being home.  When we first walked into the house, Oliver ran from room to room.  He was jumping over furniture and tearing through the house skidding on the new hardwood floors.  Thank Goodness he only weighs eight pounds and his toe nails do no harm.  He then played in his yard as if he'd never had a place to run and play.  He chased leaves, birds and his ball around the yard.  Then there's Noah.  He just had to see how many times we would let him in and out of the house.  Neither complained when it was time to get back in the motor home this morning, so I guess they had their fun time and were ready to hit the road. 

I am looking forward to this weekend.  We have not been with our fiber friends since the end of October and are looking forward to catching up on everyone's travel and fiber activities.  In addition to chatting, I look forward to teaching and just having my hands in fiber again.  In one of my classes, we will be dyeing our spring  scarves prior to nuno felting. 

Well, as John drives, I just may shut my eyes and catch a few zzzzzzsss. 

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