Sunday, March 13, 2011

From 80's to 30's.....Brrrrrr

Back home again in Indiana where it's wet and cold.  We have had to make a quick return in order to unpack, repack and head to the Smokey Mountain Fiberarts Festival.  We have 2 days to take care of our business.  We have gone from snow and ice, to sunny and warm/hot California and not back to cool, but not as cold as when we left 7 weeks ago. 

Our trip was outstanding.  It was so great to be with DD#2.  She was a great hostess, guide and trip adviser.  We are already planning our visit next year.  We are going to have a longer time next year since our time on the road was cut short by the misadventures of parts suppliers who either sent the wrong parts or parts that did not work to Edmundson RV. 

In many ways, we were not impressed with the southern route I 10 then I-8 through southern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas.  The "northern" route through Oklahoma, the TX panhandle, Flagstaff and Albuquerque was a better trip for us. 

As soon as I get my laptop up and running, I will add photos to supplement my comments.  For 2 days, you will have peace and quiet since we will be busily preparking for the next leg of traveling....'nite all

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