Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Internet for 4 Days!

We are boondocking in Amboy, California tonight.  We are near railroad tracks and a train has passed approximately every 4 minutes.  This should provide an interesting night of sleep.  But we are tired from hiking over two miles (up and down, never flat) so we've just parked and are trusting that we will not hear a thing once we get to sleep.  The computer only has ab out 40% power, so I will do as much as possible to bring you all up to date.   The rest will come as soon as I get this thing charged.  I'm just thankful for even fourty percent!

We have had no internet and no phone service for the last 4 days while we were in Death Valley National Park. Not having computer access has been hard.  I have had so much to share about this leg of the trip. What can  I say about Death Valley???  Words cannot express the beauty and tranquility of Death Valley National Park.  One can sit in the same space for 24 hours and the scenery will change!  This actually ranks higher than the Grand Canyon.  Can  you believe that?

OK, I'm running out of power and want to post something.....

to be continued...................

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