Friday, March 18, 2011

Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival

We have just finished our second day in the company of a great committee that has planned a great festival.  This morning's class was terrific.  I had 4 super students and they did a marvelous job following directions.  They completed some attractive scarves. 

This student's daughter in law is an actress in Hollywood and a member of Screen Actors Guild...My daughter is a shrink contracted with SAG!  What a coincidence!   But that's not all!  Hang on there!
This student's daughter is a set designer for TV and Movies in Hollywood!  Now how many times would 3 strangers from 3 locations have family all in the same place and in the same industry?  Go figure! 

This is the lay out that was fine and very delicate.  I should have taken a photo that was much closer to show the detail....

Here in the Smokey Mountains is so different than out west.  What a contrast.  When the show is over tomorrow night, we will take Sunday and Monday to explore and you will hear more of the RV/motorhome side. 

Tomorrow brings another class day.  I will be teaching a class in handbags / purses.  Sooo looking forward to working with these students.

In the meantime, God Bless and stay safe everyone! 

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