Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joshua Tree & Borrego Springs CA, Tuscon, AZ

It still amazes me how the scenery can change in a matter of a few miles.  In Twenty-Nine Palms, it was flat and there were, of course, many palms.  We had planned to stay at the RV park there, but when we arrived the girl at the counter said they no longer accepted Passport America discount cards.   Then as my disappointment showed, she says, well, if you will stay two nights, we will honor your Passport America for one night and charge you full rate the second.  Sounded like a scam to us, so we left and went on in to Joshua Tree National Park. 

We were fortunate enough to find the Jumbo Rocks camping area. The camp sites were arranged in, out and around huge, huge "jumbo" rocks of granite.  This was a nice change from campsites that we in the desert sand.  The granite does not track into the motor home like sand.  It is a mecca for rock climbers and photographers and a bargain for $6.00 a night.  Finally, I was able to work with my circular sock machine.  I was also able to show another camper how much fun it is to knit socks on the antique. John and I enjoyed ourselves at Jumbo Rocks  for2 days then moved on down to  the other end of the park to the Cottonwood campground.  We were to meet Nancy Jo and Cathie there for the week end.  Jojo was to take part in a photography seminar with famed photographer, Ralph Nordstrum on Friday Saturday and Sunday.  We had the evenings to sit around the campfire and do more catching up.  Sunday, Jojo was smooth enough to talk her  dad into staying another night.  Yeah!!!!!! 

It was a blessing that we did stay Sunday night.  The National Park Ranger came around to warn us that we were have a wind storm (another one) with winds gusting to 60 and 70 mph.  He said that the Interstate 10 has been closed around Palm Springs, which was nearby.  This time, we were parked into the wind and did not feel as much motion as we did during the windstorm in Ridgecrest, CA.

The extra time allowed us to hike to the Cottonwood Desert Oasis.  I had seen an oasis in a movie and on TV, but to experience this in the middle of the desert was way cool.  Yes the oasis was named Cottonwood because there are actually Cottonwood trees there.  Another thing we saw was a rock the Indian women used when grinding grain.  It has been used for so many years by the Indians that the round hole(mortar) in the rock was about 12 inches deep.  Their "pestle" would be another rock or a sturdy trunk or limb of a tree. 

Monday morning came and we had to say our good bys. I fixed  breakfast for all and John prayed for safe travels for all of us and thanked God for such a wonderful time with loved ones.   It was so hard,  I would have stayed if I could.  I will have to be content planning next year's trip.  And to be sure, it will be longer! 
We were off to Anza Borrego Desert and Jojo was off to work.  This commute was a 3 hour commute for her compared to a 30 minute one she would have had if she had gone home Sunday night.  We all had wind during our travels.  Jojo said it was pretty frightening for her and we experienced a dust storm that cut the visibility to about 50 yards. 

Arriving at Borrego Springs, we went directly to the state park to register for a camping site.  Oops! they were booked until May!  It is time for the wild flowers to bloom in the Anza Borrego desert.  We did find great camping at the Borrego Springs RV and Hotel Resort.  We splurged a bit and went to a nice Mexican Restaurant that also had a Mexican Grocery.  More tacos for me!  After dinner, we drove around a bit then went back to the RV and played one of our favorite word games NABBIT.    Shortly after dark, we went to bed, continuing the habit of up with the sun and to sleep with the sunset. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, we were up and off to find wildflowers and Big Horn Sheep.  The wild flowers, but no luck finding the Big Horn.  The park ranger said we probably would not because this has been such a wet winter and the sheep are not coming as close to civilization as they usually do in search of water. 

This morning we were up and on our way towards home.  Our stop tonight will be in Tuscon.  We are not going to  be able to stop much on our return trip due to the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival in Townsend, Tennessee where I am vending and teaching wet felting classes. .

Well, we are approaching Tuscon.  Until save and blessings to all

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