Friday, March 11, 2011

A State of Energy

Gas wells, Oil Rigs, Wind turbines, as far as the eyes can see......all energy producing products.  That is the state of Texas but not limited to Texas!  The wind turbines stand out like white toothpicks on the far horizon.  As we get closer, they tower over us in their slow, graceful ballet all moving in unison as if they were listening to the beat of the music.  In the same view, are the rigs drilling for gas and as we drive through the area, the acrid odor takes your breath away.  Not in a good sort of way, and the odor is nasty.  We see the lovely and we smell the unlovely.  All are necessary for the energy that we all take for granted.  How can a world leader have so much energy, depend on foreign oil?  I'd love for someone to explain that. 

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  1. I saw the windmills in northwestern Indiana for the first time last year. Amazing. Beautiful.


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