Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sunday, we went to Borrego Springs for a few groceries.  Then we were distracted by places we had not been.  

We stopped at the Anza Borrego Desert Nature Center.  That is a neat place to spend a lot more time than we had.  We closed the store!

The decision was made by a unanimous vote that we were way too hungry to go home and cook. 

We chose Carmelita’s Mexican Grill and Cantina for a first time visit.  We were not disappointed.  The wait staff is friendly and eager to please.  The food is excellent.  Carmelita's seems to be the place where the locals come to eat since we heard the I'll have my regular more than one time.  

IMG_1513[1]John had the delicious (I know ....  because I swiped a couple of bites) Shrimp Chiveche.  The portion is much larger than it looks in my photo.  If I were to get much closer, John probably would have given me a hammer lock for stealing his food!

I indulged in a Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.  Oh, Yum! Yep, one shrimp disappeared before I took the photo. 

I really enjoy Mexican Shrimp Cocktails.  They are a complete meal, just like the Chiveche.  

We left Carmelita’s fully overly satisfied and quite full.

Kurt and Mary's
Returning home to our Tiffin Allegro Bus, we found two Airstreams parked within shouting distance. Oliver and Olivia just had to welcome them to the neighborhood.  

Ryan and Leigh's
We learned that one more Airstream was due to arrive in another day.  Mary and Kurt, Leigh and Ryan greeted us along with Curtis, the thirteen year old wonder dog.  

Kurt, Leigh and Ryan all work  from their respective Airstreams.  Mary is homeschooling their twelve year old daughter, Kathryn.    

IMG_1517[1]Rich, Eleanor and Emma who turns out to be best Airstream buds with Kathryn.  
Rich is the editor of Airstream Life. 

It was refreshing  to hear teen age giggles out in the desert as the girls explored. 

Yesterday, Kyle, Mary, Kathryn, Rich, Eleanor and Emma left for Anza Borrego State Park for the weekend.  They had paid for reservations and did not want to waste their money.  They had no idea how nice boondocking could be. 

Hopefully, we will see them on the road.  Leigh, Ryan and Curtis are still behind us.  It was fun to meet new people, once more.

Oliver and Curtis Playing Ball
Our two wee ones had a ball playing with their new gentle giant friend, Curtis. 

It appears  that Oliver is having a bad hair day!  Oh that wind. What's a macho, macho man to do?   

Oliver & Olivia

All dog photos were taken by Leigh with her wonderful camera.  (Hint, hint, Santa!)

That’s my story and I am sticking to it! Thanks for stopping by. 

God bless you all! 


  1. Never thought about a dog having a bad hair day. Too funny. Nice to have company for a few days.

  2. I wonder what happened to the shrimp that disappeared before you took the picture ???

    Looks like Oliver found a friend. Amazing how fast dogs can find new friends. They come and go in their little world -- not attachments and no tears but they sure remember them when they meet again.

  3. We home schooled both our girls through high school. I cannot imagine a better geography lessen than traveling in the US. We took the girls to Gettysburg, and some other Civil War sites when studying this history. No book could have done it better.

  4. Cute pup pictures...isn't it great they can just roam around...close to the desert like that?

    Your lunch looked yummy!

  5. Thanks for including us in your travels.
    I am enjoying your travels.

  6. Love the new hair style. He may be making a fashion statement.

  7. What a fantastic area! So loved Anza Borrego. Our Jeep got a real work out there, as did our hiking legs. Enjoy!

    Olivia and Oliver are so cute. I hope to meet them someday. I saw the picture of Oliver and Curtis on Leigh's post. Oliver looks so stately prancing along side Curtis.

  8. What a cute but funny picture of the bad hair day puppy guy. Home schooling is big in our family.

  9. Carmeleta's looks really good. We did not try that one. Sorry we did not get a chance to say goodbye. We could not handle the wind any longer so we headed out Easter Sunday morning. Hope to see you all down the road. God Bless

  10. Ha! I finally found your blog. Adding it to my list of RV blogs!


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