Friday, March 8, 2013


Actually, you cannot look.  I was in such awe of His camera that I forgot to get my point and shoot or my phone and take photos.  If you want to see some photos, you will need to go to the his website

We were lucky enough to learn that Al, Kelly and Pheebs of The Bayfield Bunch were here in Borrego Springs.  Actually, they were just west of us. I sent an email to al hoping that we would be able to connect.  But since the Miata was in the hospital having a brake job, I said they needed to come to our location.  They were so gracious to do just that. 
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They were getting out of Dodge – Oops! I mean the Springs.  The wind had buffeted them enough previously and they had had enough.  Little did they know that their decision was a wise on.  
We had some mighty high winds and very little sleep that night and then again last night.  Ask me how tired John and I are.
Photo borrowed form Al's blog
Back to the Bayfield Bunch.  How would I describe Al?  He is one neat gentle giant.  I am just under  five feet. Almost everyone looks like a giant to me. 
And there is Kelly, a bundle of energy and a sweet, sweet spirit.  Now wonder Al grabbed her up! They are a great team and strike a perfect balance for a dynamic duo. 

Then there is Pheebs.  Pheebs, Oliver and Olivia became good friends immediately.  Our two pooches have no idea that they are smaller than most dogs and are willing to take them on in play. 

Clark Dry Lake, Anza Borrego State Park, California
Lake Bed - Anne McKinnell, Photographer
Al pointed out an area across Clark’s Dry Lake, where we 
all were staying.  He said that there was an area where someone was camping. And there were Palm trees.  Humm, that sounded interesting. 

The next morning, before the sun came over the mountain, the “kids” and I struck out on our walk.  Heading in the direction that Al pointed.  I knew that I would never make the opposite side, but wanted to see just how far we could go.  My goal?  To walk further than the previous day and that had been about an hour and a half.
We walk. Olivia’s nose is to the ground checking out all the new scents.  She finds what I believe to be Coyote poo.  I shorten the leads a bit and keep talking to them to let whatever pest there might be lurking in the Creosote bushes that a big monster is out there to protect her “kids.” 
The Cholla Cactus keep us all on our toes / paws.  We sure do not one of those in any feet!  Occasionally we see footprints of another human.  My, what big feet you have, Mr. Stranger.

Octillio, greet us in one section of the desert.  Now that is a welcome change.  Much better than those mean, sticky Cholla.  We come upon a desert treasure.  WHY, WHY did I not bring my camera?  (do you notice a familiar trend here?)
The desert floor has been transformed into artwork! It is not the tan sand and rock that we have been walking in for the last hour.  It is as smooth as glass….a piece of artwork!  As the teal colored surface of the mountains is washed from the mountain, it comes to rest on the desert floor which is partially clay.  When the two mix and is followed by rain, a semi hard, shiny surface is the result.  The surface follows the flow of the run-off.  When it dries it is another of God’s masterpieces.  I could walk on this part of the desert and not disturb the artwork.
As my journey continued I saw there was not only the green of the Palm trees across the dry lake, but also there were trees on my side of the lake.  I made the closer trees my goal.  Now I knew where I would begin my return journey.  I also knew that I was getting tired.  One problem with the desert, there is no good place to sit down and rest.  Oh well.
When we reached the trees, I found that I had no idea what they were.  The resembled a pine tree but their needles were a larger diameter.  But the tree dropped its needles like a pine tree.  Soooo, is this a Desert Pine?  I have been searching the internet and have yet to identify it. 
The sun was hot and from its position, I estimated that it was close between eleven o’clock and noon.  I had left before the sun poked its face over the mountain around six forty-five. 
My short walk was becoming quite a hike. I said “let’s go home” to Oliver and he took the lead and actually made it home faster than I led them out.  We were all happy to be home.  I took my hiking shoes and vowed to not walk the rest of the day.  That lasted about five minutes till I went to the refrigerator to get more water.
It is a good thing that I love to walk and climb.  When I finish, I have more energy than when I left.  I like that. And that is the end of my Wednesday story.

God Bless you and keep you safe today…Until next time…



  1. We really enjoy meeting other RVers. Al and Kelly do seem like very nice people.

    I think each day you are going to see the desert come more alive. I just love it this time of year. Remember your camera and give us some of that beauty that surrounds you. God bless

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  2. QUite the brave soul you are, setting off on such a hike. I, too, often forget my camera. I now keep it in the truck but in this case, don't think it would have helped much either!

  3. Sounds like a wonderfully LONG walk but filled with so much beauty. The desert is going to be so beautiful this spring with all the rain we've had. It's still blowing and raining here. Glad you got to meet Al and Kelly. Maybe someday we will get to also.

  4. Soooo glad you got to meet Al and Kelly! And Pheebs too! Your walk sounds wonderful, soulful, and re-connecting with the earth. You dun good!

    Karen and Steve
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