Sunday, March 17, 2013


Oh, my!!!! This has been such a strange week! 

brought our 4.7 earthquake, unseasonable heat.  We have been running from the heat all week in one way or another.

We decided to drive to Coachella to have some of John’s prescriptions filled.  We put the top down on the Miata and drove with the wind in our hair.  That’s a long stretch for John’s hair since I gave him a Buzz cut while he was still in Critical Care and he has kept it since! 

The first Walgreen's, in Coachella, CA, did not have everything John needed.  We were off to the second about a mile away. in Indio.  Eventually, we were heading back on 111 to 86 with the thought we would stop at the Salton Sea and see what bloggers are talking about. 

By the time we arrived in Salton City, our minds had shifted gears.  We were hot and had consumed all our water. We stopped in the Arco Station to buy cold drinks.  On our way to the counter to get our ice cold beverages, we detoured to the cooler where beer and wine was being stored.  We did not go in for either beer or wine, but to cool off a bit.  THAT was a great decision.  I wondered if someone was going to chase us out, but they were too busy with a tour bus crowd. 

After spending a few minutes in the cooler, we proceeded to get our cold drinks and were back on the road, heading back to Clark Dry Lake area, totally refreshed.

Not long after we turned onto S22 toward Borrego Springs, we made an impromptu decision, a detour.  There were some canyons of the Santa Rosa Mountains that we could see from the road.  We wanted to see them up close.  Especially since two motorhomes were parked at the top and overlooking the canyons.  What a view they must have had.
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The Santa Rosa Mountains end close to the Salton Sea, therefore the canyons are deep but very narrow, resulting in the poor photos. 

IMG_1340[1]This last photo is taken of a wash with what looks to be some kind of shelter built into the mountain. Interesting.  We wish we knew when and who built it or if anyone built it.  We left with more questions than answers and with our still cold drinks. 
IMG_1335[1]We stayed home.  The temperature was hovering around ninety-five degrees.  Neither John no I had any desire to do much more than take Oliver and Olivia out and come right back in. 

Tuesday’s heat affected us more than I thought.  I woke up still very tired.  Exhausted might be a better term.  After I was up for about five hours, I went back to bed and slept like a log.  When I awoke, I felt like I was coming out of anesthesia.  It took me about an hour to fully wake up.  

We were eager to get out and explore again even though the temperature was predicted to reach ninety-seven.  It reached ninety-nine!  But who is counting, right?

Al of the Bayfield Bunch has replied to someone’s blog, telling them where to find desert flowers in bloom. After a stop at Seley’s Borrego orange, lemon and grapefruit grove for a couple of three dollar bags, we were off to find the flowers.  

IMG_1346[1]IMG_1345[2]Of course, with the low clearance of the Miata, the heat, and John’s lack of stamina, we did not venture as far as we would have liked.  Yep, Al, it takes a four wheel drive! But I did manage two flower photos.  What I need is a camera like Al’s to get some good pictures of these flowers.

After we abandoned our search of flowers, we just drove.  When we could come to an intersection, I woulds say “right, left or straight,” John would choose and off we went.  This is a throw back of our adventures before motorhome days.  

IMG_1369[1]Suddenly, we found ourselves at the Galleta Meadows Estates owned by the Avery family of the Avery label company.  What a lucky turn the last one turned out to be.  We had wanted to see the metal sculptures.  In 2011, when we were in Borrego Springs for a short time we saw only one of the metal sculptures.

Dennis Avery was quite a man.  A quote on the Galleta Meadows website shares his philosophy “Blessings are meant to be shared.”  And shared he did.  The purpose of Avery commissioning sculptor Ricardo A Breceda was to motivate learning.   These prehistoric animal depicted in sculptures  take us back three million years when these animals lived in the Borrego Springs area.  

IMG_1352[1]Breceda's work is breathtaking! The attention to detail as shown  in these photos is astounding.  Each eyelash, fold of skin, muscle was individually created.  The tongue is anatomically correct. Research, patience, creativity, huge, tenacity are a few of the words that came to mind as we roamed for one piece of artwork to another. 

I shudder to think that schools are removing art from their curriculum's due to lack of funding.  The arts make an education well rounded.  What would have happened if this talented artist were not encouraged by his art teacher at school?
Below are more of Breceda’s work at the generosity of Dennis Avery.
IMG_1355[1]IMG_1348[1]                            IMG_1349[1]    IMG_1351[1]IMG_1354[1]        IMG_1368[1]     


IMG_1382[1]We then went to the Visitor’s Center.  It was a disappointment to find that their projector was out of order and we could not see the presentations. One Barrel Cactus was in bloom.  The volunteers said that there are hardly any desert flowers this year due to the lack of rain.  Maybe next year. 

found us back at the motorhome to recoup from Thursday.  Do you see a pattern emerging here?  Once again, the temperatures were right up there at one hundred degrees.  The air conditioning in the motorhome is a life saver!  Many have left Clark Dry Lake area, but we are still here cool, calm and collected as the saying goes! 


IMG_1394[1]A sunrise to behold and the sun just hitting the mountains in the west.  It is still terribly hot. 
IMG_1400[1]Last  night we were rocked by the winds.  It is hot 

again and the air conditioning here in the Tiffin just keeps working! 

Tonight brings more wind.  It has started already at seven o’clock.  Gusts up to 50 mph again.  Another night of not sleeping well.

Tomorrow?  More searching for metal sculptures in……… drum roll please!!!!  Eight-five degree weather!  Whooppeeee!  We can live with that….easily.

How do the animals like the hot, hot weather?  Well, this is Oliver, Olivia and Noah.  The two O’s just came in from a walk with John.  They love the tile floors.  But so do I.  Just not for the same reason.  It’s a tough, rough world when you are a spoiled member of our family!

Oliver, in the middle, is telling you……THE END!   Olivia and Noah, oblivious!

Until next time….God Bless


  1. That was quite a week! We just loved the sculptures.
    Rod & Sylvia

  2. I couldn't stand that kind of heat. 80's are about as hot as I want to be. I guess we will be spending more time in the Northwest than in the South. The weather here is just about perfect. But I want to see new trees and do something other tan work on the house.

  3. I can't imagine how long it took to do each of those sculptures. With that kind of detail and the size, wow.
    Love the worn out kids. The heat gets to them too I know, poor things they still have on coats :)

  4. Im glad you are still out exploring. Those sculptures sure are somthing.
    Thank goodness you can use the a/c....

  5. Great job of catching up. It has been hot and I am so ready for it to be back down in the 80's. But our nights have cooled off beautifully which makes for good sleeping. If you ever get to North Dakota, you need to drive the Enchanted Highway. There are some neat sculptures along that road. Not like at Borrego Springs but really fun to see.

  6. Thanks for sharing Breceda's work. It's grand and in the perfect environment for it's beauty to shine.

  7. HAHAHA...what a way to use a cooler.

    We had a great time at the Salton Sea. We visited the Slabs while we were there also. A different sort of life.

    I love the desert this time of year. It is so alive with such beauty.

    We missed Galleta Meadows Estates. I would love to see those sculptures. Thanks for the great tour.

  8. Those sculptures are next on our bucket list when we get out west again... we missed them last time.

    Hope the heat breaks and you get some cool days yet before you need to leave. Where are you going next?

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  9. We spent two and half weeks in Anza Borrego State Park this past Jan. what an amazing place! You definitely need a high clearance vehicle for many of the "roads." Our Jeep really got a work out...some VERY tricky routes out there in the desert. We started emailing our plan to our daughter because we were sometimes many miles away from anything with no cell service. No one would have found us for days. We are anxious to return again some day.

    It's been in the 80's here in Zion. You must be frying out there. Hopefully, the weather will break a little. Way too warm right now.

    Stay cool!

  10. Hi there! Just found your blog and am now following! We aren't full time (yet anyway). Right now we're in our RV about a third of the time. It has been unseasonably hot in the desert recently. We were in the Yuma area a month ago and it was nice, then to Needles and it was nice. We got home a week ago and saw that got HOT in both of those places. We spend a lot of the winter in the desert and were hoping to get to Anza Borrego before it got too hot. Don't get me wrong, I love the desert, but if we wanted heat, we'd go in the summer, right?

    The sculptures are awesome and I think we've seen them all.

  11. Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. I know you would like to trade your temps for ours ... although we're in New Orleans now and it is hot and humid here ... but I will have to turn you down ;-))) In your shoes, we would have vacated the area by now ... more power to you; I see the oven-like temps didn't keep you inside.


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