Sunday, April 7, 2013


For now, I am going to skip a few days of events.  I have a camera full of photos taken to share.  But, the camera is missing, AWOL….I think (hope) it is hidden in the crevices of our daughter’s car or in her trailer. 

Monday, we said good-by to Borrego Springs with it’s high temperatures and mighty winds.  We said hello to Blair Valley with cooler temperatures and less wind. We are looking forward to visiting Ghost Mountain (Marshal South home/Yaquitepec), Morteros Trail, Pictographs/Smuggler Canyon and Oriflamme Canyon. 

All explorations must wait until daughter, Jojo returns next weekend.  Jojo has lived in southern California for almost
twenty years, but has not had the opportunity (excuse) to visit all the sites we are exploring.  She has visited many, but not all. 

Meanwhile, we rest, rest some more. John climbs the foothills around us.  We take short day-trips to Julian for groceries.  

IMG_20130403_143351_318The winding road to Julian is decorated with the blooming of Lilacs and  yellow Brittlebush and another bush with red blossoms that I have yet to identify. 


Our trips to Julian are abbreviated.  Neither of us enjoy countless shops selling things manufactured in China, etc.  One stop we did make for a was at the Miner’s Diner established in 1928.   Some of the décor dated back to the Gold Rush in Julian in 1867.  We were there for a milk shake for John and a chocolate soda for me.  

The milk shake was delish and plentiful.  The soda was a disappointment.  It was not like the ones I remember.  

Gold was not the only thing discovered in Julian.  It was discovered that the climate, soil and elevation teamed together to provide an ideal place to grow apples.   Apples and apple pies seemed to be the theme theme of the town.  We have yet to purchase a pie.  We want wait to share one with Jojo and Cathie when they come next weekend.  Otherwise, we would be putting on more extra pounds. 

We returned to the Blair Valley Campground.  Instead of driving straight to the motorhome, I find another dirt/sand road to explore.  This is what we found. 



Look at the size of this critters head!

All photos were taken by standing on the drivers seat of our car.  

Thank Goodness for convertibles!

Today, we are off to explore Palomar Mountain State Park. 


The End......

Until next time......God Bless


  1. I'm really jealous that you get to get one of those apple pies. I haven't had one yet. We haven't seen a snake yet and that is fine with me. That one was big. Ick.

    1. Sorry Sandie. I have an idea, come join us!

  2. Wow, we saw one on the road to our campground this weekend, they are out and about for sure!

  3. Gorgeous, bright header...wonderful.

    Gracious, what type of snake is that anyway? It is huge!

    1. Thanks Marsha.... That is one huge rattlesnake!

  4. The scent of blooming lilacs is one of my favorite things that I haven't smelled in quite a few years. Lucky you!

    1. I wish I could send you some. They were even selling them at a roadside stand today.

  5. Mmm Lilacs one of my favorites. We have 2 big trees at our daugters house. The snake uh not my favorite. That is one huge critter. I wouldn't want to meet him and not be in a car. Be careful!

  6. Some great hiking you have planned. We enjoyed them, especially seeing Marshall south's home.

    That was some snake. Glad you were in the car!

    Yum, a Julian pie. So good!

    Enjoy your time with family!

  7. cool post. very informative. Thanks and keep posting

  8. Your photos are beautiful! Your rattlesnake? Not so much! This is the time of year for them out there....we have seen many in our time in the Anza Borrego Desert. Glad you like Blair's a bit more isolated than the dry lake and harder to stay "connected" to the outside world...but that's not always a bad thing! Where will you move on to from there when it starts getting hot? Any plans? I enjoy your Blog!

  9. Oh, one more thing....the Marshall South hike is least it was for me several years ago when we did it. But the views were worth the hike! Just be careful and take it slow.......

  10. I think you spoke too soon about the wind!


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