Sunday, October 9, 2011


Welcome to my world to Judy and Emma.  I sure hope you two get out of the parking lot soon.  I love your patience and positive attitude!  Also Kenny and Angela have come aboard.... welcome to you too - even though you are from Kansas City!  hehehe

What a beautiful fall day we have been blessed with.  The sun has been out most of the day.  The temperature has been huddling around seventy five degrees.  Walnuts are falling with loud thuds blessing me with a vast amount of dyeing materials.  

When dyeing, walnuts provide the most beautiful shades of brown.  I will collect them and place in a wheel barrow and then let it fill with rain over the winter.  Then I will bring the brown rainwater into the studio and dye.  

Walnuts and Marigolds are my two favorite dyes found in my yard.  I have tried others, such as Queen Ann's Lace, but quickly learned that is one dye that I don't want to use in the studio since the odor is like a nap in a field in the plant.  It is a very pungent odor.... not pleasant.  The color though is a soft gold.  I like it.  

There are many other natural dyes and eventually, I will try them.  My schedule, thus far, has hampered me from taking the time to experiment.

Gluten free living is going quite nicely.  John went to the store and found many gluten free products.  The one that I have tried and will give a five star rating is a product from Enjoy Life Natural Brands, LLC, a nut and gluten free bakery in Shiller Park, Illinois.  Yea... not China.  Have I told you I don't like products from China?  OK, the name of the product is their soft baked snickerdoodles!  Oh my!  mighty good.  

The exercise portion of my take charge life is moving right along.  We are walking almost two miles.  This is a MAJOR accomplishment for John with his emphysema.  He must stop occasionally to breathe (kinda important), but he keeps pushing.  

I was surprised how badly I am out of shape too.  Sitting with this osteoarthritis is not the answer.  I could not believe that two miles was all I want to do at this point.  Me, an ex runner..... two miles... sad.  And the time it took us to walk that far....   on my goodness.  
We will do better a month from now, I am sure.

Observations:  the last tree to leaf out on our little farm was the Sycamore.  It is also the first tree to loose it's leaves.  It is in its full splendor only four months of the year and has no beautiful fall colors.  The first tree to gain it's leaves, is I believe the Bradford Pear and it is one of the very last to shed all it's leaves and provides colors starting with gold and ages to red, maroons and purples.  

The Colts lost again today.  They are STILL my team of choice.  It is a shame that with the Super Bowl here this season, that the Colts will not be playing.  

My hand surgery is Tuesday.  I am so ready.  I am looking forward to having two working hands.  There is only one problem.  I don't know if I will be able to post for a while.  I will try to find a way. I am right handed and have been practicing doing my right handed activities with my left hand.  Some are easy and some are not.  Oh well, this too will pass. 

Stay safe out there.  

God bless your walk today.... 


  1. You laugh but Kansas City Chiefs won today!!!

  2. One finger is all you need to post. I just typed this with one finger of my off hand! Needed two fingers for the !

  3. Gluten free snickerdoodles. Those I might really enjoy. Glad it's working for you. Don't over do it but type something short and let us know how you're doing after your surgery.

  4. Kenny and Angela, I KNOW the Chiefs won today..... That's why I am sad.... and You call me a friend.....

    Marykay...Yep, all I need is one finger....hopefully I can do it....

    Sandie..... ohhhh the snickerdoodles are soooo good, but they are not like the original recipe, but who cares? They are good......

  5. hey.. if people with NO hands can type with a pencil clenched in their teeth, I am sure you will do just fine with your left hand! LOL

    Good luck on the surgery!

    Karen and Steve
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