Saturday, October 15, 2011


Four days have passed since my hand / thumb surgery.  my recovery has been quite different since the left hand was done 2 years ago.  

i am sooo tired this time and sleep much of the day away.  i am thinking that is due to waking up often during the night.  i have been off pain meds since wednesday night.  that pleases me!

being right handed and having only my left to work has presented a few challenges, created a few "oops" moments, and has made me laugh at myself a lot.

things i have learned that i cannot do left handed:  

  1. zip or unzip a zipper
  2. open the envelope containing my tea bag
  3. remove the lid from a wee, small bottle of my liquid stevia
  4. comment on blogs with a cuppa tea in my hand
  5. get the covers properly arranged around my chin at night so i can cozy down.
  6. seal my right arm in plastic so i can take a shower
  7. pick up anything larger or heavier than my laptop
  8. fold clothes
  9. brush oliver's hair and fix his pony tail
  10. use my camera!
  11. spin yarn on my spinning wheel
  12. make socks on my circular sock machine
  13. felt
  14. set  up my booth by myself
  15. write a receipt
  16. put on my bra!  whoopppeeeee
  17. cut my own food
  18. i cannot be frustrated
what i CAN do with only one non dominant hand is:

  1. wear my robe unzipped and stay warm
  2. pull up my jeans
  3. dress - with one exception
  4. open that tea bag envelope using my teeth and left hand
  5. after having the stevia opened the first tine, do not close completely
  6. put on my socks - that was a challenge!
  7. carefully lift my computer
  8. learn to type with left hand only
  9. stay positive.  this will last only 2 weeks
i am sitting here thinking of a friend whose child was born with no hands and only a partial leg.  her mom sent a video of her doing a gymnastics routine of jumps, flips and tumbles.  the same routine done by her classmates!  She writes.does artwork and her writing is better than many with two good working hands.

with that, have a great day everyone!

0h,  right now, i do not capitalize  due to long stretches of 1 hand.

god bless your coming and going and may he hold  you in his hands.


  1. I'm just catching up on your last few posts. I'm glad your surgery is over and seems to be successful. It's funny how we take so much for granted. It's not until we lose something that we realize how much we used it. But then we compensate and we're okay again. Like the little girl you wrote about. We make do. Thank goodness we're so adaptable. And soon you'll have both thumbs working again. :)

  2. No pain meds is great progress. And just remember, you are four years older than you were last time. Tee Hee!!!

  3. Doesn't matter which hand doesn't work, putting on a bra is impossible! :)

  4. Thanks for joining our site, I look forward to reading your adventures:)


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